FLSmidth achieves waste heat bypass record at Cement Panam

FLSmidth achieves waste heat bypass record at Cement Panam
01 March 2023

Cement Panam’s greenfield cement plant in the Dominican Republic set a new record for FLSmidth for the 300m distance covered for a waste heat bypass system from the clinker cooler to the finish mill. 

FLSmidth used modelling to engineer a suitable system for such a long waste heat recovery system. “We had to main concerns: heat loss and velocity,” explains Srdan Nisic, FLSmidth’s sales manager - Projects & Retrofits. 

“We used CFD modelling and other simulation tools to work out the specific filling degree for the duct, the perfect duct diameters, and where to put the booster fans to ensure optimum gas velocity to conserve heat and minimise problems with wear. We also made sure that the cyclone was designed to minimise particulates in the gas stream,” added Mr Nisic.

FLSmith also had to contend with the two different types of cement being manufactured at the plant as the 27.5 cement had a higher moisture content than the 35 cement type.

“Within 15 days of start-up, the system was fully commissioned and achieving our performance guarantees,” adds Mr Nisic, FLSmidth. “Heat loss from the cooler to the finish mill – over a distance of 350m – is just 50˚C. It is actually outperforming our expectations.”

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