TCL raises cement price

TCL raises cement price
20 March 2023

Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL), part of CEMEX, will increase its cement prices by 20 March 2023. TCL TTD43.65 (US$6.44)/42.5kg bag and by eight per cent for Premium Plus to TTD47.83/bag.

“Cement prices are in fact set to be marginally adjusted, taking into consideration some of the rising cost factors with which TCL is faced,” said the company.

While cement is locally produced and had not been affected by the same price volatility as lumber and steel, the cost of local inputs, which account fo ~75 per cent of the total expenses, continues to rise, according to TCL.

According to Contractors Association President, Glenn Mahabiringh, said it would be the third price increase for TCL cement in 16 months, following a seven per cent price rise in August 2022.

“What the construction industry has experienced is that over the last 16 months we have experienced an overall increase in cement of 27 per cent,” he said. “We have seen increases every six to seven months. This makes it very difficult for estimating and cost planning.”

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