Lafarge Greece uses Artevia® for Smart Park landscape

Lafarge Greece uses Artevia® for Smart Park landscape
19 September 2023

The discount Smart Park in the Spata region of Attica is the first hybrid discount park in Greece with a total surface area of 9.1 acres, of which three have been landscaped into green areas. The industrial aesthetics and the innovative design of the space were highlighted with the architectural Artevia® Desactive concrete, which covered more than 10,000m2.

“The Artevia® architectural / decorative concrete range exceeds the limitations of traditional building materials by combining the advantages of concrete and impressive design materials, claims Herarcles Group (Holcim).”

Artevia® Desactive was selected for the construction of the floor with a total area of 70,000m2 on the coastal front of Thessaloniki, for the entire open surface of the New Waterfront reconstruction project, as well as the areas between the theme parks.

Requirements regarding durability simultaneously increased on both projects due to high traffic, whereby a reliable solution was sought that would not wear out over time and without requiring frequent maintenance.

Artevia® Desactive was able to meet all the specifications and expectations by ensuring timeless economy in the application, user safety, high durability and aesthetics. Artevia Special Concretes offer complete freedom in design, differentiation in texture and appearance and a unique final result, building the architectural identity of each project.

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