Decarbonised Cement and Concrete Alliance to accelerate low-carbon solutions

Decarbonised Cement and Concrete Alliance to accelerate low-carbon solutions
18 January 2024

The Decarbonised Cement and Concrete Alliance (DC2) is a new US-based coalition dedicated to growing awareness around policies that will accelerate the adoption of novel carbon-reducing solutions in infrastructure.

DC2 is formed of 10 companies advancing new technology to reduce emissions in cement and concrete: Biomason, Blue Planet Systems, Brimstone, CarbonBuilt, Chement, Fortera, Minus Materials, Queens Carbon, Sublime Systems, and Terra CO2. Member companies are all focussed on delivering ultra-low-carbon, carbon-neutral and carbon-negative cement and concrete solutions. Collectively, their technologies re-engineer production processes and feedstocks, introduce novel materials, and utilise or sequester CO2 directly in concrete to accelerate the industry’s decarbonisation beyond near-term action taken by incumbents.

DC2 will actively work to shape policies that will expedite the use of new low-carbon cement and concrete products in public infrastructure in the USA. Such procurement policy is exemplified in the recently introduced, bipartisan Concrete and Asphalt Innovation Act, which would enable the Department of Transportation to engage in advance purchase commitments of low-carbon concrete products up to three years before they are available.

DC2’s additional areas of advocacy and public sector engagement span expanded tax credits, novel standards development, consistent ecolabeling and accounting, and customer demand support. 

Success of the coalition and its advocacy will translate to introducing new ways to create low-carbon construction materials, addressing future capacity needs by scaling up the industrial base, creating new clean cement and concrete jobs, and promoting environmental justice throughout this industry-wide transition.

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