Dalmia Cement goes from 'Future today' to RCF expert

Dalmia Cement goes from 'Future today' to RCF expert
26 February 2024

Dalmia Cement (Bharat Ltd) is rebranding from its current 'Future Today' slogan to roof column foundation (RCF) expert. The aim is to grow Dalmia Cement's brand faster than the Indian cement sector's forecast growth.

Dalmia Cement's COO, Sameer Nagpal, says the target is to reach 14-15 per cent growth at Dalmia Cement against an industry average expansion of 10 per cent. RCF will tie Dalmia Cement closer to retail customers as it targets increasing its business-to-consumer (B2C) share from 65 to 70 per cent. The change is also a catalyst to reach carbon neutral status by 2040 as blended cement, the main retail market in India's cement sector, accounts for 84 per cent of the company's production.

The company has planned roadshows in 75 cities for the rebranding. Attention will be focussed on tier two and three towns as well as untapped areas, particularly on smaller towns where houses are built individually by the general public. "To support the retail initiative we will have 600 technical people and 150 tech vans across the country, which can give advice to customers," added Mr Nagpal.

To promote its new branding Dalmia Cement has a strong dealer network across the country that totals 45,000 to promote its new branding. The new branding was designed by branding specialist Rahul Kansal and Dalmia Cement's advert agency.

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