Argos Honduras breaks clinker production record in 2023

Argos Honduras breaks clinker production record in 2023
09 April 2024

Argos Honduras has set a new record in clinker production in 2023, increasing clinker output by three per cent.

The company attributes the new record to the successful implementation of its US$1.1m hydrogen injection project. The process is carried out using renewable energy from its solar farm at the Piedras Azules plant in Comayagua, which enables the cement plant to replace up to 22 per cent of its grid-derived electricity consumption, reports newsinamerica.

“We are extremely proud to implement these types of innovative processes in our operation. Hydrogen injection has not only achieved a significant increase in clinker production at our Piedras Azules plant, but has also opened a path towards a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly operation in Honduras. This advance has allowed us to promote innovation and make a real difference in terms of productivity within the industry, bringing us closer to other strategic objectives such as reducing electrical consumption in our operations and improving the reactivity of clinker,” said Armando Ochoa, director of optimisation at Argos Central America.

“We are honoured to be pioneers in implementing cutting-edge sustainable innovations and technologies that drive our industry leadership. This project has allowed us to optimise and transform our processes to unprecedented levels of efficiency. The extraordinary results obtained in 2023 are a clear reflection of the strategic work, dedication and exceptional collaboration of our operations team,” concluded Luis Eduardo Tovar, general director of Argos Honduras.

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