Taiwan Cement Corp to introduce electric tractor units

Taiwan Cement Corp to introduce electric tractor units
22 April 2024

Taiwan Cement Corp (TCC) will bring Taiwan Transport and Storage Corp's (TTSC) first electric tractor units into operation to transport cement – the first company in the country to use electric vehicles to transport building materials, reports the Taipei Times.

TTSC unveiled its first electric tractor unit manufactured by Volvo Trucks in a ceremony in Taipei on 18 April. The company's chairman, Koo Kung-yi, said about 12 per cent of carbon emissions in Taiwan come from the transportation sector with large trucks and tractors playing a significant role. The tractor unit would be employed to transport cement and related products, which would reduce aggregate carbon emissions by 32 per cent.

The 43t electric tractor has a cruising range of up to 300km, with a battery capacity of up to 540kWh, depending on the number of batteries installed. It could be equipped with up to three electric motors and a 12-speed electric drive transmission gear box. The maximum output is 666hp, according to Volvo Trucks.

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