UltraTech conserves record water amount in FY23-24

UltraTech conserves record water amount in FY23-24
10 June 2024

UltraTech Cement Ltd, India’s largest cement and ready-mix concrete company, conserved 105Mm3 of water in FY23-24, making it five times water positive in line with its stated ambition.

UltraTech’s water management efforts encompass areas within the unit premises as well as beyond the fence, ie within the communities the company operates in. The 105Mm3 of water conserved includes the water it has reused, recycled, harvested and recharged both within its unit premises and through community interventions. This is an increase of over 20mm3 of water conserved in FY22-23.

UltraTech has proactively installed rainwater harvesting systems across its site locations. In addition, UltraTech has also set up Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants at several of its manufacturing units to enable the reuse of 100 per cent treated water within the units.

Through its community watershed projects, UltraTech has so far constructed 191 check dams and 97 rainwater harvesting structures, soak pits and large ponds. Over 35,218 farmers have benefitted through UltraTech’s community water conservation initiatives. UltraTech’s efforts towards the protection and conservation of water resources underline its commitment to building a sustainable future.

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