Lindner founds Indian subsidiary

Lindner founds Indian subsidiary
05 July 2024

Lindner continues its expansion with the foundation of Lindner Recyclingtech Bharat (India) LLP, headquartered in Delhi, India. Together with Chirag Verma, co-owner of Lindner Bharat, and Ganesh Karankal, sales director of plastics recycling, the aim is to develop sustainable recycling solutions for the waste and plastics industry.

India produces approximately 62Mta of waste every year and this volume continues to rise. Therefore, the rate of recycling, which varies depending on the type of waste and region, still has growth potential. A range of initiatives by the Indian government is intended to raise the population’s awareness of this issue and help to increase the amount of waste recycled. However, as well as regulation, recycling requires appropriate technologies so that the wide range of reusable materials can be fed back into the circular economy. 

"By founding Lindner Recyclingtech Bharat we want to contribute to returning greater quantities of reusable materials back into the loop or the circular economy. This needs the right shredders and system solutions as well as the relevant expertise," says Manual Lindner, CEO and owner of Lindner Recyclingtech.

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