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Lucky Cement awarded 20th annual environment excellence award 2023

11 August 2023, Published under Cement News

Lucky Cement Ltd received the environment excellence award at the 20th Annual Environment Excellence Awards 2023, organised by The National Forum of Environment and Health (NFEH),  recognising its commitment to sustainable development and contribution towards protecting the overall environment for a greener Pakistan.  Chief Operating Officer of Lucky Cement Ltd, Amin Ganny , said, “We at Lucky Cement believe in environment-friendly practices and are committed to conserving the en...

CEMEX signs waste agreement in Dominican Republic

10 August 2023, Published under Cement News

CEMEX ’s circular waste management business, Regenera, and DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, have signed an agreement for circular waste management solutions in the Dominican Republic. Under the agreement, Regenera will convert used tyres from DP World Dominicana’s logistics operations into a substitute for fossil fuels, thereby avoiding landfilling and the associated methane emissions. After exhausting all avenues for waste circularity (reduction, reuse, and recycling...

EcoPact range gains EPD status

10 August 2023, Published under Cement News

Aggregate Industries  ( Holcim ) has further invested in its sustainability commitments by obtaining Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for its range of concrete solutions, including its low-carbon concrete ECOPact range. In a UK first for ready-mix concrete products, Aggregate Industries has invested in individual product and plant EPDs for its London Concrete business. This includes the ECOPact product range, the world’s lowest range of low-carbon concrete, DYNAMax High Performan...

Vanderbijlpark Slagment achieves 1.75m hours LTI

08 August 2023, Published under Cement News

Leading construction material supplier, AfriSam celebrated a significant milestone at the company’s Vanderbijlpark Slagment Operation in South Africa when it achieved 1.75m Lost Time Injury (LTI)-free hours earlier this year, demonstrating the high safety standards upheld at this plant.   This means the plant has been injury free for nine years, a significant milestone.  Due to its cementitious properties and depending on the application, slagment (which uses ground granulated blastfurn...

Solar kiln scaled to industrially-viable levels

07 August 2023, Published under Cement News

CEMEX and Synhelion have announced a significant milestone to develop fully solar-driven cement production by scaling their technology to industrially-viable levels. This includes the continuous production of clinker, the most energy-intensive part of cement manufacturing, using only solar heat.   At the beginning of 2022, the companies announced the first-ever successful production of solar clinker in a small-scale batch process pilot. Advancing from that stage to production under pla...

CEMEX and Ecocem start concrete trials at Heathrow Airport

04 August 2023, Published under Cement News

CEMEX is partnering Heathrow Airport and Ecocem on a trial to explore the viability of lower-carbon concrete at the site.  Following a series of lab and plant trials, the trial has been designed to test the concrete’s durability and longevity in a true to life airport setting.   Initially two lower carbon solutions will be tested: a Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) equivalent mix containing 50 per cent GGBS, and a zero-clinker product. The lower carbon concrete will be trialled at t...

UltraTech Cement invests in wind power company

04 August 2023, Published under Cement News

UltraTech Cement has entered a Share Subscription and Shareholders Agreement and Energy Offtake Agreement with VEH Radiant Energy Pvt Ltd for the purpose of acquiring 26 per cent equity shares of VEH Radiant. VEH Radiant is engaged in generation and transmission of renewable wind power energy. The cost of the share price will not exceed INR151m (US$0.181m). VEH Energy has a registered office at TSIIC Hyderabad Knowledge City, India.

Taiheiyo Cement joins Japanese CCS value chain study

03 August 2023, Published under Cement News

Taiheiyo Cement Corp has joined six other companies in a feasibility study into the use of advanced carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Japan. The study forms part of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s goal to harness CCS, particularly in hard-to-abate industries, to help reach the government’s targets of a 46 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to FY13) by FY30, and carbon neutrality by 2050.  The study was initially launched in January this year wit...

MIT study uses cement to produce supercapacitor

01 August 2023, Published under Cement News

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found that combining cement and carbon black, which resembles very fine charcoal, may form the basis for a novel, low-cost energy storage system. The technology could facilitate the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal power by allowing energy networks to remain stable despite fluctuations in renewable energy supply. According to the study, cement and carbon black can be combined with water to make a...

Carbon Upcycling raises US$26m funding for CCUS projects

01 August 2023, Published under Cement News

Carbontech startup Carbon Upcycling has raised US$26m, with proceeds from the Series A funding round supporting the first commercial-scale carbon capture and utilisation deployments at cement plants in North America and Europe. Founded in 2014, Calgary-based Carbon Upcycling delivers solutions aimed at decarbonising hard-to-abate industries. The company’s all-electric solution mineralises CO 2 and combines it with industrial byproducts from sources including coal, steel and glass product...