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Cemex reports double-digit EBITDA growth in FY21

11 February 2022, Published under Cement News

Cemex announced strong results for the FY21 with double-digit EBITDA growth, the highest in more than a decade, coupled with a similar increase in sales, driven by higher volumes and robust pricing in all core products in all regions. EBITDA margin increased 0.8 percentage points in the year, despite headwinds in energy and import costs. CO 2 emissions declined 4.4 percentage points, the largest annual decline the company has ever achieved.   Net sales increased 14 per cent to US$14...

Buzzi Unicem FY21 preliminary regional results see 7% rise in cement sales

10 February 2022, Published under Cement News

Cement sales of the Buzzi Unicem group amounted to 31.2Mt in 2021, increasing by 6.7 per cent when compared to 2020. Ready-mix concrete output, which stood at 12.1Mm 3 , was also up, by 3.4 per cent, compared to the volumes of last year. Consolidated net sales for the financial year increased from EUR3222.4m to EUR3445.6m. The sales volumes achieved by the group in 2021 exceeded the level of those reached in the previous year, thanks to the progress recorded in Italy, the USA and easter...

Cemex signs up companies to its Working Smarter digitalisation program

10 February 2022, Published under Cement News

Cemex has signed separate multi-year contracts that range from five to seven years totalling US$500m with six leading service providers under its Working Smarter digital transformation initiative. The partners are active in the fields of finance and accounting, information technology, and human resources, replacing current expenditures with the new suppliers’ services at an optimised cost, effectively continuing to reduce the company’s operating expenses.   The initiative brings all wo...

Cemex and Cemex ventures invest in clean hydrogen startup

03 February 2022, Published under Cement News

Cemex and Cemex Ventures have announced their investment in HiiROC, a clean hydrogen production start-up. HiiROC developed a technology that uses thermal plasma electrolysis to convert biomethane, flare gas, or natural gas into hydrogen at a lower cost than competing solutions and without a CO 2 footprint.   Together with HiiROC, Cemex aims to increase its hydrogen injection capacity across its cement operations while reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.   HiiROC, a UK-based co...

Cemex acquires urban waste treatment company

31 January 2022, Published under Cement News

Cemex has announced the acquisition of Broquers Ambiental (Broquers), a sustainable company that focusses on the separation, recovery, and treatment of urban solid waste generated in the city of Queretaro. This acquisition is part of Cemex's Future in Action programme, aimed to achieve carbon neutrality.   "With this acquisition, at Cemex we are firmly committed to the circular economy by integrating our value chain to the production of climate-friendly fuels that we use in cement produc...

GCC reports favourable performance in 4Q21 and 2021

27 January 2022, Published under Cement News

GCC reported a 10.9 per cent YoY advance in consolidated net sales to US$257.9m in the fourth quarter of 2021. EBITDA remained stable at US$83.1m with an 31.5 per cent EBITDA margin. Total cement volumes in the US grew by 5.1 per cent, but excluding oil well cement, they fell 5.5 per cent when compared with the 4Q20. Consolidated sales were further supported by a rise in US cement and ready-mix prices of 11.8 per cent and three per cent, respectively. In Mexico cement and ready-mix volum...

Mexico's cement market sees cement prices surge

26 January 2022, Published under Cement News

The price of grey cement in Mexico increased on average 14.5 per cent per 50kg bag and 20 per cent per tonne of bulk cement in January 2022 when compared with December 2021, according to industry sources and material distributors, reports El Norte. This is significantly above the 2.4 per cent increase between January 2021 and December 2020 as reported by INEGI, the country’s statistics office. In the case of market leader Cemex, the company reported a 14.4 per cent price rise for its bagg...

CEMEX joins the UN CFO Taskforce to promote sustainability goals

21 December 2021, Published under Cement News

CEMEX SA de CV has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Company CFO Taskforce for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the company continues to align its financial strategy to its leadership in addressing climate change, the company announced. The CFO Taskforce for the SDGs has three main goals: to engage the global CFO community, to integrate the SDGs into strategy, financing, and investor relations, and to create a broad sustainable finance market. Members of the UN Global Compact...

Cruz Azul legal dispute risks sustained cement production

20 December 2021, Published under Cement News

Mexico-based cement producer Cruz Azul is currently facing a legal conflict in its plant in Tula, Hidalgo, that threatens to impact cement production. The plant currently employs 1300 workers and two groups are seeking control of the company. A day after the failed seizure of the facilities that the dissident group intended that resulted in a riot, the cooperative members chaired by Federico Sarabia, warned that due to the series of sabotage and actions taken against them by the group led ...

Fire at Cruz Azul’s Tula operations

29 November 2021, Published under Cement News

A fire broke out at Cruz Azul’s facility in Tula de Allende, Mexico, on Sunday morning. The flames were reportedly located at the company’s limestone conveyor belt. The fire was extinguished within two hours, but around 500m of the belt has been damaged. Operations are not expected to affected, while repair work will last between 15-20 days.