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Ukraine reduces counterfeit cement

07 February 2018, Published under Cement News

The share of counterfeit cement in Ukraine decreased to eight per cent in 2017 from 21.5 per cent in 2014, according to Ukrcement, the country’s cement association. "According to data for 2017, the distribution of the packaged cement market between factory and non-factory cement has changed for the first time since 2011. The study showed that last year 72.8 per cent of the cement market accounted for the share of original cement from plants," said the association, referencing a study by G...

Ukraine cement output rises to 9.3Mt in 2017

26 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Ukraine’s cement producers increase their production by 2.3 per cent YoY to 9.307Mt in 2017, according to the country’s State Statistics Service. In December output reached 0.46Mt, representing a fall of 1.4 per cent YoY and 37.8 per cent MoM. Cement production in 2016 stood at 9.096Mt, up 7.1 per cent when compared with 2015, according to the Ukrainian News Agency.

UkrCemFor 2017 underway

24 May 2017, Published under Cement News

The VII International Conference ‘UkrCemFor 2017’ is underway at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine, bringing together key players from the domestic and European cement industry to discuss market developments, technology advances and industry best practices. Organised by Ukrcement, the association of cement producers of Ukraine, the meeting has been tailored to focus on the growth of the local cement market, as well as discuss new construction projects both at home and abroad, European...

Ukraine: Mykolaivcement returns to profit in 2016

24 March 2017, Published under Cement News

PJSC Mykolaivcement, owned by CRH of Ireland, reached a net profit of UAH31.394m (US$1.16m) in 2016, a considerably improved result when compared with the 294.6m loss reported in 2015. Current liabilities decreased by 33.4 per cent to UAH 212.621m, while long-term liabilities increased by 10.3 per cent to UAH 711.125m. PJSC Mykolaivcement operates a 1.4Mta plant in Mykolaiv, in Ukraine’s Lviv region.

Ukraine: Dyckerhoff Cement losses increase five-fold

20 March 2017, Published under Cement News

Preliminary figures indicate that in 2016, Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine, part of Dyckerhoff AG, increased its loss by UAH66m (US$2.46m) to UAH80.82m. The company's assets as of late 2016 were UAH2.16bn, long-term liabilities were UAH2.69bn and current liabilities were UAH483.96m. Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine reported a loss of UAH14.82m for 2015.

HeidelbergCement Ukraine reduces loss by 56% in 2017

14 March 2017, Published under Cement News

HeidelbergCement Ukraine reduced its loss by 55.6 per cent to -UAH289.17m (US$ 10.76m) from -UAH361.73m in 2016, according to a company statement. This follows a 62.7 per cent increase in losses in 2015 to -UAH650.9m. The company has operated in the Ukrainian market since 2001 with cement factories in Kryvyi Rih and Kamianske, Dnipropetovsk region and Novoamvrosiivske and Yenakieve, Donetsk region as well as premixed concrete and granite macadam.

Ukraine: Ukrzaliznytsia proposal to Ukrcement in light of corruption claims

15 February 2017, Published under Cement News

According to Ukrzaliznytsia board member, Marek Zalesny, Ukrzaliznytsia has applied the automated wagon distribution system to cement carriers and invites the Ukrcement association to jointly participate in the system. "The automated distribution system has been applied to this group of wagons [cement carriers] to avoid corruption. I invite the association to jointly participate in the wagon distribution system, as we do not have own shipping firms," Mr Zalensy said on Tuesday. In resp...

Russia: demand set to fall by up to 12% in 2016

30 June 2016, Published under Cement News

Demand for cement in Russia may drop 10-12 per cent in 2016, according to a representative of Moscow-based Eurocement Group. "As concerns the cement demand forecast in Russia, we assume that the decline may remain in the same range as in 2015: in the vicinity of 10-12 per cent for 2016," the representative told the Interfax news agency. "Eurocement Group plans to sell about 20Mt of cement in Russia and approximately 3.5Mt on other markets, in Uzbekistan and Ukraine," the representative...

Ukraine: cement production in May rises 6.7%

24 June 2016, Published under Cement News

Ukraine's State Statistics Service reports that in May 2016, production increased by 6.7 per cent compared to April. For the period January-May 2016 cement production increased by 11.4 per cent against January-May 2015 to 3.24Mt. However, production of cement in May decreased by 0.8 per cent when compared to 875,000t in May 2015. The Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in April, the production of cement increased by 37.7 per cent compared to 820,000t in April 2015. In 2015, the pr...

Moldova applies quota on cement imports from Ukraine

29 April 2016, Published under Cement News

The government of Moldova has introduced protective quotas and duties on several commodities including cement produced in Ukraine. The resolution of the Moldovan government said products will be limited with quotas, while goods imported in excess of the restrictions will have protective duties applied. The quota for cement is 500t and if volumes imported from Ukraine exceed this level custom duties will be applied at 10 per cent. The quotas will be granted on a "first come - first serv...