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El Salvador market contracts 8% in 10M20

15 February 2021, Published under Cement News

Apparent cement consumption in El Salvador in the January-October 2020 period declined 8.3 per cent to 25,558,640 bags of 42.5kg, or 1.086Mt, according to the country’s construction chamber, CASALCO. In the equivalent period of 2019, apparent consumption reached 27,881,320 bags or 1.185Mt. The ex-works price of cement remained stable in December 2020 at US$7.57/42.5kg bag but at retail level the price for bagged cement edged up 1.2 per cent YoY and 0.2 per cent MoM to US$8.41/bag

Peru cement prices among lowest in Latin America

05 January 2021, Published under Cement News

Capeco, the Peruvian construction chamber, reported that the average retail price for grey cement in Peru is around US$6.22 per 42.5kg bag – one of the lowest in Latin America. The highest price is paid in Argentina, where a bag of cement costs on average US$12.34, followed by Nicaragua, Uruguay, Guatemala and Paraguay, where a bag of cement costs around US$10. In Brazil, prices are the lowest at US$5.03/bag, according Capeco. In Chile a bag of cement retails at US$7.65 while in Colombia a...

Tanzanian cement producers highlight price hikes

11 November 2020, Published under Cement News

Dangote Cement in Tanzania apologised to the government for the failure to communicate to the public on the temporary shutdown of its plant for maintenance, which caused price hikes across the country. "I would like to apologise for not communicating the shutdown to the government and the public on time," said the plant’s senior officer, Glagu Shuma, noting that the management of the plant has already made adequate arrangements to supply the cement to the general public including major co...

Chad’s Baoré plant to start up in November

09 November 2020, Published under Cement News

The Baoré cement plant will commence production this month, according to the country’s President, Idriss Déby. The government will also subsidise the price of a bag of cement. The plant was inaugurated in 2012 by the president. At the time, the ex-works price was set at XAF4200/bag (US$7.60/bag) and the retail price were not to exceed XAF6000. On 28 July, the country’s Minister of Petroleum and Mines, Oumar Torbo Djarma, had said that “Everything will be back to normal”, following a meet...

Sri Lanka sets maximum retail price for cement

30 December 2019, Published under Cement News

A special gazette notification has been issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority declaring the maximum retail price of locally manufactured cement in Sri Lanka at LKR1005 (US$5.53) per 50kg bag. The maximum retail price of a bag of cement that has been imported in bulk will be LKR950 per 50kg bag, and the maximum retail price of a bag of imported cement is LKR930.

Paraguay cement prices surge as shortage persists

15 November 2019, Published under Cement News

The price of cement in Paraguay has soared from PYG60,000/bag (US$9.28/bag) to PYG45,000/bag as a cement shortage persists. State-run cement producer Industria Nacional de Cemento (INC) is only producing 12,000 bags/day, according to Esmerk Latin American News. Meanwhile, Cementos Yguazu and imports are narrowing the gap. Cement demand in Paraguay is around 100,000 bags/day. Usually, INC supplies around 50,000 bags/day.

Nepal's self-reliance in cement production has not lowered domestic prices

11 November 2019, Published under Cement News

Nepal has become self-reliant on cement production from this fiscal, claims The Niumalayan. However this self-sufficiency has not seen domestic cement prices fall lower than foreign brands. NRB data shows that Nepal imported Indian cement (including clinker) worth NPR31bn (US$270.6m) in FY2017-18, which declined to almost NPR13bn in FY2018-19. In the first two months of FY19-20, the country imported cement worth only INR940m, which cement manufacturers claim are imports for which advance pa...

Cement price in El Salvador continues to slip

23 September 2019, Published under Cement News

While the ex-works cement price in El Salvador has remained stable at US$7.57/42.5kg bag in August, on a retail level the cement price is now at US$8.32/bag, according to the CIEC-CASALCO, the El Salvadoran construction chamber. This represents a one per cent slip from US$8.39/bag in June, when the retail price similarly from US$8.45/bag.

Cement price rises in Pointe-Noire

18 September 2019, Published under Cement News

The price of cement in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo, has seen a significant hike in the past few weeks, according to AllAfrica. The price increased from XAF60,000 (US$101.12)/t to XAF70,000/t, or in some cases, to XAF76,000. In terms of bagged product, prices have ranged between XAF3500-3800/t. The rise bucks recent trends that have seen prices fall as new cement plants have come online.

Kinshasa cement prices sees 11% hike

05 August 2019, Published under Cement News

The price of a bag of grey cement in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, has increased to CDF15,000 (US$9.08) from CDF13,500, according the national press agency ACP. The price rise, which applies to domestically-produced and imported cement, is the result of an increase in demand as Kinshasa province is currently subject to a housing boom and the implementation of President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo emergency programme, which include the rehabilitation of the capital road net...