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Vietnamese clinker imports to China increase in 1Q19

03 June 2019, Published under Cement News

Vietnamese cement exporters are starting to take significant market share in China as they succeed in undercutting domestic producers. Imports of clinker surged by more than 150 per cent in the first four months of 2019 to 5.69Mt on the back of China's housing boom. These imports accounted for 1.4 per cent of China's clinker. The increase in imports has lowered the cost of cement by CNY40/t due to lower labour costs and excess capacity in the market. Housing construction in China has incre...

Armenia places import duty on Iranian cement

03 June 2019, Published under Cement News

Armenia's parliament has approved a 14,000/t duty to be set on imported cement from Iran. A total of 85 law makers voted in favour of the duty with 16 voting against and three abstaining. The Armenia party also wanted a state duty on the import of clinker from Iran but this has not been put in place. The bill for the cement duty passed while a group of construction workers protested outside parliament. The demonstrators were arguing that the duty would increase prices of cement. Babken Tun...

Pakistan FY19 may end on mixed results

29 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Pakistani research house Insight Securities forecasts that in FY18-19 (July 2018-June 2019), domestic sales will fall 5.6 per cent to 38.8Mt (-10.2 per cent in the north but a rise of +16.3 per cent in the south). Exports, on the other hand, may grow 39 per cent to 6.6Mt (-21.9 per cent in the north, but +151.4 per cent in the south). Analysts of Insight Securities have also pointed out that cement demand, which started weakening in March-June 2018 quarter is likely to move ahead furth...

Bulk carrier detained outside Chittagong port

29 May 2019, Published under Cement News

According to Chittagong Port Authority (CPA), the Egyptian bulk carrier "Wadi Feran" was arrested by orders of the local High Court on 23 May in a litigation case at the outer anchorage of Chittagong port in Bangladesh. No reason was disclosed for the arrest. This is likely to delay unloading of clinker, being imported by a local cement manufacturer. The vessel laden with 50,141t of imported clinker arrived on 8 May.

Ukraine set to introduce new antidumping duties on imports

23 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Ukraine’s interdepartmental commission for international trade has decided to introduce antidumping duties on imported cement clinker and Portland cement of 115 per cent for goods originating in Russia, 57 per cent for Belarus and 94.5 per cent for Moldova, according to the Economic Development and Trade Ministry. The duties will reportedly be levied for five years. The final antidumping duty will be charged as a percentage of the customs value and in addition to the import duty. The duty ...

US and Puerto Rican cement shipments fall to 5.7Mt in February

22 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Total shipments of Portland and blended cements in the USA and Puerto Rico fell slightly to 5.7Mt in February 2019 when compared with February 2018, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). The top-five consuming states were Texas, Florida, California, Georgia and North Carolina. Masonry cement dispatches totalled 160,000t in February 2019, down 5.2 per cent YoY. Leading masonry cement-consuming states were Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and North Carolina. The country’s leadin...

Mali cement prices rise under absent Senegal imports

17 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Cement prices in Mali have risen sharply with some blaming the absence of Senegalese imports while others have put the blame firmly at the door of the government and Diamond Cement. A present, the ex-works cement price is XOF87,500/t (US$149.09/t). However, low output at Diamond Cement’s cement plant is insufficient to serve the 3Mta Malian market. While the company has a cement capacity of 1Mta, output at the plant is currently 0.645Mt, according to representatives of the cement producer. ...

Who’s who in North American cement imports?

16 May 2019, Published under Cement News

To understand the dynamics of the current cement import situation in North America it is important to look behind the statistics. Why is there a wave of new terminals with so many of the existing terminals still mothballed? Where will the further growth of imports materialise? Who will be the key players? To get the answers we need to know who’s who in North American imports. By Ad Ligthart and Marcia Ligthart, Cement Distribution Consultants, The Netherlands. Figure 1: OPC, white and...

Peru's cement market expands 3% in April

16 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in Peru advanced 3.4 per cent to 905,000t in April 2019, up 3.4 per cent when compared with April 2018, according to the country’s cement association, Asocem. Of this total, 898,000t was supplied by domestic cement companies, down from 922,000t in March 2019. Peruvian cement production increased 4.6 per cent YoY but fell 5.3 per cent MoM to 811,000t in April 2019 while clinker production advanced 6.3 per cent YoY and 12.9 per cent MoM to 796,000t. In addition, 69,000t ...

Argentine demand drops 6% in April

15 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Argentina’s cement market contracted six per cent YoY to 900,938t in April 2019 when compared with 953,024t in April 2018, according to the country’s cement association, AFCP. However, unlike in the year-ago period there were no imports. In addition to domestic sales, the country’s cement producers exported 7799t of cement in April, surging by 59 per cent from 4900t in April 2019. January-April 2019 In the first four months of 2019 Argentina’s cement consumption declined by 9.5 per cen...