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Emerging markets continue to play key role in global energy prices

15 February 2013, Published under Cement News

With a sluggish US economy where the fiscal cliff remains a major concern in 1H13 and a recession-hit Eurozone burdened by unaffordable energy import costs, it is clear that most support for global oil demand hinges on the consumption of emerging markets. The economic benefits of globalisation, urbanization and industrialization have led to major advances in productivity, positively impacting on oil demand in these parts of the world. As the world oil demand improves gradually, non-OPEC s...

BAML sees 4Q2012 crude prices strengthen

01 October 2012, Published under Cement News

A tightening market for oil sees upward pressure on prices while gas is expected to remain range-bound. The thermal coal glut is expected to need some time to improve, leaving prices at a low. Oil Although indications are for a weak recovery in the global economy, the emerging markets lead the way in improving momentum, creating demand for real assets such as oil.  Meanwhile, spare productive capacity in the oil market remains low, making for a tight supply side. Outages in the Nort...