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Re: Cement Shelf life

While producing concrete a small percentage of Portland Cement can be replaced by Lime Stone .This may be about 5% o...

Re: Cement Shelf life

I agree to the views of Mr. Ted B P Jain

Re: Stockpiles

In a longitudenal stockpile it is not possible to have a continous pile and material at the ends tends of a differen...

Re: Chlorides in Finished Cement

If every in-put has been analysed and the results are o.k ,then following more to checked=     1 If you are sprayin...

Re: raw mill output came down

dear Friend,  Have you changed souce of raw material. Sometimes different mines may give material of different hard...

Re: Grinding Energy - Amount of energy per kg of rawmeal produced

here is no standard forrmula for energy consumption for all the raw materials,it variesas according to wherefrom the...

Re: Erosion of Kiln Shell

There is no need to replace the shell as of now .You can take some more life frome it.At the time of replacement you...

Re: Raw Meal Homoginity

Dear Mr. Seikh, Pease look into your Homo silo .Probably it is not doing any work. B P Jain

Re: Kiln floating

Dear Mr. Sheikh, If the is not floating ,it will not effect the brick lining .It shall only effect life of kiln sup...

Re: Is this Decision Right........?

I agree that firing should be stopped and let kiln cool down. Keeping flam going on such a long time is not good for ...