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Argentina's cement market expands 7% in September

08 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Argentinian cement demand increased seven per cent YoY to 1,110,527t in September 2021 from 1,037,475t in September 2021, according to the country’s cement association, AFCP. When compared with August 2021, there was a 2.5 per cent uptick from 1,083,8224t. There were no imports. Argentina’s cement producers shipped 1,121,180t of cement in September 2021, up 7.4 per cent YoY from 1,043,608Mt ...

Bolivian cement consumption up 41% in July

06 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement demand in Bolivia advanced 40.6 per cent to 325,789t in July 2021 from 231,662t in July 2020 but remained 9.3 per cent below its 2019 level of 359,307t, according to national statistics office, INE. Cement production in Bolivia increased 25.5 per cent to 321,479t from 256,231t in July 2020 but fell 3.1 per cent from 331,811t in July 2019. January-July 2021 In the January-July 2021...

Italy's cement output slips 6% in July

07 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Italy's cement production index (base year 2015=100) reached 114 in July 2021, down six per cent when compared with July 2020, according to Federbeton, the Italian cement and concrete association. In June the index rose two per cent YoY to 112 while in May output expanded by 18 per cent YoY to 113. On a cumulative basis production growth has slowed from 42 per cent in May to 24 per cent in Jul...

Spanish cement consumption rises 13% in 8M20

01 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in Spain has grown by 13 per cent YoY in the first eight months of the year, reaching 9,581,951t, says Oficemen, Spain's cement association. In the current scenario, Oficemen estimates that the year will close with growth of nine per cent, when compared to 2020. This would consumption to reach 14.6Mt, similar to the 14.72Mt reported for 2019, the last year not affect...

Indonesia's cement demand up 3% in August

Indonesia's cement demand up 3% in August

01 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Indonesian cement consumption increased by 2.9 per cent to 6.03Mt in August 2021, according to the Indonesian Cement Association (ASI). In the January-August 2021 period, demand reached 40.49Mt, up 5.7 per cent YoY. The advance was reported throughout Indonesia, except for Bali and Nusa Tenggara, where consumption declined 3.5 per cent to 2.2Mt. Sulawesi saw demand rise 28.5 per cent to 4.06...

Iranian cement demand expands 7% MoM in August

28 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Iran’s cement consumption reached 4.27Mt in August 2021, according to the Iranian cement association. This represents a 6.8 per cent uptick when compared with July 2021. Cement and clinker production stood at 4.79Mt and 5.08Mt, respectively. In addition to supplying the domestic market, Iranian cement producer exported 0.32Mt of cement and 0.44Mt of clinker.

Institute of Concrete Technology joins the WCA

Institute of Concrete Technology joins the WCA

28 September 2021, Published under Cement News

The World Cement Association (WCA) announced today it has further expanded its international network of members by welcoming the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) as an affiliate member. The ICT was established in 1972 and is the concrete sector’s professional development body, operating internationally to provide qualifications in concrete technology to people with a professional inte...

Peru's cement market expands 18% in August

23 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement dispatches in Peru advanced 18 per cent to 1.202Mt in August 2021 when compared with 1.018Mt in August 2020, according to Asocem, the country’s cement association. When compared with July 2021, dispatches increased by six per cent. Asocem members dispatched 1.112Mt, up 19 per cent YoY and six per cent MoM. Output from Asocem member companies increased 15 per cent to 1.126Mt from 0.977...

Iraq's cement association calls for reversal of fuel subsidy decision

22 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Iraq's association of cement manufacturers has called on authorities to reverse a decision which has seen a reduction in fuel subsidies for the sector, according to Agence France-Presse. Earlier this month, the oil ministry raised the price of fuel sold to cement manufacturers from IQD150/l (US$0.10) to IQD250, in addition to a previous increase this year. The association has warned that th...

Zambia’s cement output up 5% in 2021

22 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement production in Zambia in the first half of 2021 increased by five per cent to 1.2Mta, compared to 1.1Mta in 2020, according to data from the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development. Cement prices rose to ZMW130 (US$7.89)/50kg bag from just under ZMW90 as cement companies cited a gypsum shortage as a contributing factor.

Pakistan is entering a new cement capacity expansion phase

03 November 2021, Published under Cement News

In a cement conference, conducted by AKD Securities Ltd CEO, Muhammad Farid Alam, on 15 September 2021, Pakistan's cement industry producers confirmed that the country has entered another expansion phase. The total installed capacity of the cement industry in Pakistan is currently at 69Mta, and a further 18Mta of capacity is in the pipeline. This will take total production capacity to 87Mta b...

Clinker shortage result in surge in Mozambique prices

17 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Due to a shortage in clinker supply, prices of cement in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, have surged. Retail prices of cement are now priced at MZM700-800/50kg, up from MZM500-520/bag. The lack of clinker is caused by challenges in maritime navigation, which has impacted clinker imports in Cabo Delgado and northern Mozambique, according to Club of Mozambique. The clinker shortage has led to the ...

Vietnam exports up, domestic market contracts

21 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Vietnamese cement producers sold 8.09Mt of cement in August 2021, representing an eight per cent drop YoY as the COVID-19 pandemic suspended construction projects, according to the latest data from the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction. Of this total 4.97Mt were sold in the domestic market while 3.12Mt were exported. In the January-August 2021 period total sales edged up four per cent to ...

Uruguayan cement producers see 8% increase in June dispatches

15 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement producers in Uruguay increased their total deliveries by 8.3 per cent YoY to 60,950t in June 2021 from 55,930t in June 2020, according to the Asociación de Fabricantes de Cemento Portland del Uruguay (AFCPU). Of the total, domestic sales were up by 6.8 per cent to 56,199t in June 2021 from 52,633t in June 2020 and exports advanced 33.2 per cent to 4391t from 3297t in June 2020. Janua...

Brazil's cement sales expand in August

17 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Brazil edged up 1.1 per cent YoY to 5.864Mt in August 2021, according to SNIC, the country’s cement association. However, when considering the number of days worked, domestic sales slipped by one per cent in August 2021. In the southeast, the largest market, sales increased by 1.7 per cent YoY to 2.711Mt from 2.665Mt in August 2020. However, in the northeast sales declined by...

Cement prices rise in Zimbabwe

16 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Zimbabwe's construction sector appears to be on course for a revival, driven by public spending on infrastructure and private development. However, a recent increase in cement prices could restrict the recovery. On average, a 50kg bag, which ordinarily costs around US$10.50, is now around US$13. An intermittent supply of cement on the local market looks to be behind the high cement prices, ...