Argentine cement demand drops 7% YoY in June

Argentine cement demand drops 7% YoY in June
08 July 2020

Cement demand in Argentina has fallen 7.3 per cent YoY to 797,926t in June 2020, according to AFCP, the national cement association. However, MoM a 23 per cent advance was reported.

Argentine cement producers supplied 804,727t of cement to the domestic and overseas market, representing a 6.9 per cent YoY decrease but a 23.2 per cent increase when compared with May 2020. Of this total they exported 6801t, more than double the export level of 3293t in June 2019. There were no imports.

January-June 2020
In the first six months of 2020 the Argentine cement market contracted by 30.7 per cent YoY from 5.462Mt to 3.785Mt. Domestic cement producers saw output fall by 30.6 per cent from 5.511Mt in the 1H19 to 3.827Mt in the 1H20. Export shipments were down 15.3 per cent from 49,839t in January-June 2019 to 42,189t in January-June 2020.

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