Peru cement market expands 12% YoY in December

Peru cement market expands 12% YoY in December
18 January 2021

Domestic dispatches in Peru increased 12 per cent YoY from 0.979Mt in December 2019 to 1.098Mt in December 2020, according to the country’s cement association, Asocem.

Cement production advanced 18 per cent YoY in December 2020 as Asocem members produced 1.077Mt of cement. Output in December 2019 was 0.916Mt.

Cement exports in December 2020 fell 36 per cent YoY to 12,000t from 19,000t in December 2019, but clinker exports surged from 33,000t in December 2019 to 105,000t in December 2020.

Cement imports declined 17 per cent YoY to 81,000t in December 2020 from 98,000t in December 2019. Clinker imports advanced from 44,000t in December 2019 to 154,000t one year later.

Full-year 2020
Cement dispatches in Peru declined 17 per cent to 9.669Mt in 2020 from 11.583Mt in 2019.

Cement output by Asocem members in 2020 fell 14 per cent YoY to 9.14Mt from 10.574Mt in 2019.

Cement and clinker exports fell by 28 and 56 per cent YoY, respectively, in 2020. Cement exports reached 143,000t (2019: 198,000t) while clinker exports were down to 310,000t (2019: 709,000t).

Cement imports declined by seven per cent to 719,000t in 2020 from 772,000t in 2019. Clinker imports more than tripled from 44,000t in 2019 to 154,000t in 2020.

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