Peru's cement market expands 4% in June

Peru's cement market expands 4% in June
18 July 2022

Cement consumption in Peru increased four per cent to 1.126Mt in June 2022 from 1.08Mt in June 2021, according to Asocem, the country’s cement association. Of this total, 1.067Mt was dispatched by Asocem members – representing a slight increase when compared with 1Mt in June 2021.

Cement production from Asocem members advanced seven per cent YoY to 1.079Mt in June 2022 from 1.007Mt in June 2021. Clinker output was up nine per cent to 0.9Mt in June 2022 from 0.824Mt in June 2021.

Asocem members saw cement exports slip by one per cent YoY to 15,000t while clinker exports were down 25 per cent YoY to 67,000t from 90,000t.

Cement imports into Peru dropped 92 per cent YoY to 5000t in June 2022 from 61,000t in June 2021. Ecuador was the larger cement importer with 3.3Mt while Chile imported 1.7Mt. Clinker imports decreased 70 per cent to 36,000t in June 2022 from 121,000t in June 2021.  

January-June 2022
In the first six months of 2022 cement demand increased by seven per cent YoY to 13.8Mt from 12.9Mt in the 6M21.

Cement production was up by nine per cent YoY to 13.3Mt in the January-June 2022 period when compared with the year-ago period when output reached 12.2Mt.

Cement exports increased by 15.3 per cent YoY to 98,000t in the 6M22 from 85,000t, but clinker exports were 7.7 per cent down to 289,000t from 313,000t over the same period.

Cement and clinker imports declined by 59.6 and 40.1 per cent, respectively in the 6M22 from the year-ago period. Cement imports fell to 195,000t from 483,000t while clinker imports were down to 549,000t from 917,000t.

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