Argentina’s cement market expands 7% in 2022

Argentina’s cement market expands 7% in 2022
06 January 2023

Cement demand in Argentina fell by nine per cent to 932,661t in December 2022 from 1,144,123t in December 2021, reports the country’s cement association, AFCP. When compared with the previous month, the December volume sold dropped 18.5 per cent. All cement was supplied by domestic producers and there were no imports.

Argentine cement plants produced 936,893t in December 2022, representing a YoY decline of 9.4 per cent and a MoM decrease of 18.6 per cent. Of this total, exports accounted for 4232t, down 54.8 per cent from 9354t in December 2021.

Full-year 2022
However, the country’s cement consumption for the full year of 2022 increased by 7.3 per cent to 12.889Mt from 12.011Mt in 2021.

In addition to fully supplying the domestic market, Argentina’s cement producers exported 87,578t of cement, down 23.6 per cent from 114,672t. Total output in 2022 increased by seven per cent to 12.976Mt from 12.125Mt in 2021.

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