Peru's cement market contracts 12% in December

Peru's cement market contracts 12% in December
19 January 2024

National dispatches in Peru fell by 12 per cent YoY to 0.958Mt in December 2023, according to the country's cement association, Asocem. Of this total, 0.885Mt were dispatched by Asocem members.

Domestic cement production declined by 15 per cent to 0.928Mt in December 2023 from 1.087Mt in December 2022. Clinker production saw a three per cent YoY pick-up to 0.94Mt from 0.913Mt over the same period.

Cement exports dropped by 51 per cent YoY to 8000t in December 2023 from 16,000t in the year-ago period, but clinker exports saw a 113 per cent increase to 71,000t from 34,000t over the same period.

Cement imports fell 59 per cent YoY from 7000t in December 2022 to 3000t in December 2023. All cement imports were supplied from Chile. South Korea supplied 44,000t of clinker in December 2023 (in December 2022 there were no clinker imports).

Full-year 2023
Domestic cement dispatches contracted by 11.5 per cent in 2023 to 11.985Mt from 13.538Mt in 2022.

Cement output from Asocem member plants was down by 13.6 per cent YoY to 11.404Mt in 2023 from 13.196Mt.

Cement exports saw 22 per cent drop to 143,000t in 2023 from 184,000t in 2022, but clinker exports were up 28 per cent YoY to 669,000t from 523,000t in 2022.

Cement imports decreased by 22 per cent to 211,000t in 2023 from 270,000t in 2022 and clinker imports declined by 31 per cent to 673,000t in 2023 from 981,000t in 2022.

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