Congolese government raises cement price

Congolese government raises cement price
06 February 2024

Following requests from domestic cement producers, the government of the Republic of Congo has increased the prices of wholesale cement per tonne and retail cement per 50kg bag.

The price of cement has increased by more than 50 per cent compared to the approved price as production costs have soared. Type 42.5N cement is now sold in Brazzaville at XAF90,000/t (US$147.78/t) and XAF4900/50kg bag. In Pointe-Noire the price is XAF88,000/t and XAF4700/bag. In certain parts of the country, such as Ouesso, the price is higher at XAF106,000/t and XAF5500/bag while in Kinkala prices have risen to XAF95,456 and XAF5500/bag. In Madingou (Bouenza) price levels are lower at XAF76,000/t and XAF4000/bag.

The selling price of 32R cement has also been revised to XAF85,000/t and XAF4650/bag in Brazzaville while in Pointe-Noire, prices are XAF83,000/t and XAF4450/t. In Dolisie the price of 32R cement is XAF74,000/t and XAF3900/bag, in Oyo XAF93,000/t and XAF4850/bag, and in Ouesso XAF101,000/t and XAF5250/bag.

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