Heidelberg Materials Hellas in partnership with Sympower

Heidelberg Materials Hellas in partnership with Sympower
12 April 2024

Greece-based Heidelberg Materials Hellas is working with energy specialist Sympower to “unlock and monetise” the cement producer’s energy-intensive equipment. According to Sympower, the partnership marks a significant step in accelerating Greece’s energy transition and strengthening its electricity grid. 

By utilising three of Heidelberg Materials Hellas’ cement mills and one of its raw mills, Sympower will optimise their energy flexibility and provide their capacity to Greece’s balancing markets. Using its AI-driven platform, Sympower ensures that these assets are optimised for profitability, minimising the impact on the daily functions of Heidelberg Materials Hellas’ operations. 

By doing so, Heidelberg Materials Hellas’ assets will contribute several megawatts of capacity to help stabilise Greece’s energy grid during peak demand periods and support the country’s journey towards establishing a resilient, future-ready energy infrastructure. The cement producer's participation in demand response brings Sympower’s total capacity to 70MW provided in Greece. 

“This strategic partnership allows us to optimise our energy consumption patterns, unlock new revenues and strengthen our operational resilience. By working together with Sympower, we can ensure that the assets we’ve agreed to connect to the balancing market are optimised and that our normal processes are as little impacted as possible,” said Heidelberg Materials Hellas’ Plant Manager, Dimitrios Lianos.

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