House of Representatives summons Nigerian producers

House of Representatives summons Nigerian producers
09 May 2024

Dangote Cement and BUA Cement are among a number of cement producers that have been given 14 days to appear before the House of Representatives in Nigeria. The companies were initially summoned by the House to appear in early May as part of an investigation into the hike in cement prices across the country but failed to show, reports Premium Times.

Jonathan Gbefwi, chair of the House of Representatives committee, took the opportunity to lament the high cost of buildings materials in Nigeria, which be believes is adding to the country’s ongoing homelessness issues. “We are trying to see to the development of our country. Just as it was emphasised in the opening remarks, cement is to building what air is to every human being,” said Mr Gbefwi. 

The cement price crisis is seen as central to Nigeria’s housing deficit which currently stands at around 16.9m units, according to data from the African Development Bank. Ben Kalu, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, pointed out that Lagos, Ibadan, Kano and Abuja are all seeing a 20 per cent increase in their housing needs every year. “The current total output in the formal housing sector is estimated at not more than 100,000 units,” he added. Mr Kalu stated that bridging this gap requires affordable and accessible cement prices for both the government and the private sector.

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