Argentina reports upturn in cement demand in August

Argentina reports upturn in cement demand in August
08 September 2016

Cement dispatches in Argentina increased by 6.7 per cent YoY in August, according to preliminary figures published by the Argentine cement association, AFCP. The domestic market required the supply of 1,042,862t, up from 977,469t in August 2015.

Argentine output was supplemented by 1.366Mt of imports, unlike the same period of the previous year when no imports entered the country.

Exports fell by nearly 20 per cent from 4.152Mt in August 2015 to 3.33Mt one year later.

For the first eight months of 2016, the country’s cement market contracted by 12.5 per cent YoY from 7.924Mt to 6.932Mt while at the same time local producers saw imports quadruple from 1Mt to 4.31Mt. A double blow was dealt to them as exports contracted by a third from 68.48Mt to 45.4Mt.

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