Sunnsy Group joins World Cement Association

Sunnsy Group joins World Cement Association
12 September 2019

The World Cement Association has been joined by Sunnsy Group, the largest cement group in the northern area of China's Yangtze River region.

With a total cement production capacity of over 100Mta, Sunnsy Group is one of the 12 largest cement groups being specially supported by China's central government. Sunnsy Group is ranked in the top 500 Chinese enterprises and its 'Sunnsy' brand cement has been awarded a National Certified Quality Credit AAA Gold Medal.

"Sunnsy Group has an impressive history of innovation in cement production methods, including as a pioneer of vertical kiln technology in China, and was one of the earliest cement manufacturers to deploy dry cement processing technology," said Vincent Lefebvre, chairman of the World Cement Association.

"The global cement industry is undergoing many changes, bringing with them new challenges and opportunities," said Chang Zhangli, chairman of Sunnsy Group. "As a prominent Chinese cement group that shares the WCA’s vision of tackling issues together, we are very pleased to be joining this international platform for change alongside so many prestigious member companies from around the world."

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