CCSA calls on UK government for CCS commitment

CCSA calls on UK government for CCS commitment
13 March 2024

The UK government announced plans yesterday to build new gas power stations to ensure a safe and reliable energy source while the country transitions to net zero. This shoring up of the UK’s energy supply is aimed at days when the weather forecast does not power up renewables, as well as reducing the UK’s reliance on power from countries such as Russia. 

Commenting on the decision, UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said “We need to reach our 2035 goals in a sustainable way that doesn’t leave people without energy on a cloudy, windless day.” He added, “I will not gamble with our energy security. I will make the tough decisions so that no matter what scenario we face, we can always power Britain from Britain.” 

In response to the announcement, the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) issued a statement, highlighting the critical role of low carbon power investments and emphasising the need for government support in realising their potential. “Today's announcement by the Energy Secretary on future electricity generation is an important one to ensure we meet the power needs of the UK as we transition to net zero. To achieve this, our members are keen to invest in flexible low carbon power, such as gas-fired power stations with carbon capture and storage and hydrogen fired power stations that will require CCS-enabled hydrogen,” said Ruth Herbert, chief executive, CCSA.

"These assets will play an important role in the future energy mix in enabling growth of renewable energy on the grid, as stated by the Climate Change Committee. To unlock this investment, it is essential that Government provides certainty on the availability of CO2 transport and storage capacity - that's why we have called on the Government to commit to an annual revenue support envelope for all CCS-enabled projects into the next decade, as well as ensuring final investment decisions are made on initial projects as soon as possible,” she added. 

The CCSA is dedicated to accelerating the commercial deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology across the cement industry, as well as the steel, chemicals and refining sectors. 

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