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IKN install new cooler grate at Adani Cement

13 June 2024, Published under Cement News

Adani Cement is having a 7800tpd IKN double-stage cooler grate fitted at its Himachal Pradesh cement plant to enhance efficiency, reduce power and clinker temperature, and improve WHRS performance.   This strategic initiative aims to bolster the company’s commitment to profitability and energy efficiency. The project involves replacing the first and second grates of the existing IKN Pendulum cooler, with Dynamic Linear Drive (DLD). 

IKN completes the start-up of two clinker coolers in India

09 May 2024, Published under Cement News

Chettinad Cement has successfully installed the first IKN Pendulum cooler within the group. The IKN pendulum cooler, after a successful trial run, is now poised to deliver exceptional cooling performance for Chettinad Kallur Line No2. Meanwhile, the new IKN Pendulum cooler has successfully undergone a cold trial at UltraTech Cement ’s Tadipatri plant, for a production capacity of 10,000tpd. This marks the second IKN cooler installed at the plant to improve and sustain energy effici...

IKN makes progress with Schwenk kiln project

11 December 2023, Published under Cement News

IKN is currently upgrading the existing kiln at Schwenk Zement’ s Allmendingen cement works in Germany. A recent project update reveals that kiln parts with a diameter of 6m and 7.3m were transported to the site using four heavy transport vehicles. Due to this unconventional mode of delivery, a number of technical and administrative hurdles had to be overcome. Thanks to excellent teamwork between Schwenk, IKN and all other involved partners, these challenges were addressed smoothly and p...

New partnership created between IKN and Kima Process Control

11 September 2023, Published under Cement News

A new cooperation has been formed between  IKN GmbH and Kima Process Control GmbH. This collaboration is aimed at optimising energy recuperation and reducing the carbon footprint in clinker production by integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI).   By consolidating the expertise of Kima Process in process automation and IKN as a process expert and equipment supplier for clinker production, this synergy will lead to more streamlined and efficient operations and highly reliable ...

IKN supplies two coolers to Vietnam

14 August 2023, Published under Cement News

IKN has been working on two construction sites in Vietnam in Dai Duong and Thanh Thang where two new IKN coolers are currently being erected. Similar in size, these coolers are designed for producing 7500tpd of clinker and will be ready for commissioning end of this year.   “ These new production lines will enable the customers to produce cement more efficiently and sustainably and expand their reach in the growing market,” claims IKN.

Dalmia Cement's Ariyalur plant starts new IKN cooler

19 July 2023, Published under Cement News

An IKN Pendulum cooler has been installed at Dalmia Cement’s Ariyalur plant in India. IKN engineers have designed an innovative Pendulum cooler with a compact design that allows pre-assembly and reduces on-site assembly time. The cooler has been designed to gradually increase the rated capacity of production. The first clinker arrived at the cooler on 16 July 2023.

IKN cooler start-up at Hirmi cement plant

02 June 2023, Published under Cement News

After 24 hours of performance testing, another IKN cooler received its performance test certificate. The cooler, installed at Line 2 in UltraTech Cement 's Hirmi Cement plant, India, has not only achieved but exceeded all guaranteed parameters, says IKN.   In addition, the cooler which was designed for 8000tpd, proved to operate at the owners satisfaction at a capacity of 10,000tpd, even with hot air recirculation.

IKN progresses Małogoszcz clinker cooler installation

20 April 2023, Published under Cement News

IKN is installing a new clinker cooler at Holcim 's Małogoszcz cement plant, Poland. The new modern production line with a capacity of 3700tpd of clinker is being built next to three old lines, which are planned to be taken out of operation later. The integration of alternative fuels aims to reduce the plant’s CO 2 emissions by 20 per cent and its energy consumption by 33 per cent. With this new sustainable production line, Malogoszcz will become one of the most ecological cement plants...

IKN completes cooler installation at Mukutban plant

30 March 2023, Published under Cement News

A brand new 8000tpd IKN cooler has been installed at Birla Corp ’s Mukutban plant in India. The cooler passed a performance test last week with all measured parameters with hot air recirculation coming within the guaranteed figures. Even at a kiln output of 8178tpd, the clinker exit temperature was 20°C below the guaranteed value. This is the biggest clinker production line in the Maharashtra state and one of the most advanced cement factories in India in terms of technology and efficien...

IKN completes test runs of calcium looping trials

15 March 2023, Published under Cement News

After successfully finishing CLEANKER’s test-runs of the entrained Calcium Looping (CaL) system at Vernaca cement plant in Italy, the complete project will be presented to the public at the 9th HTSLCN conference at Piacenza this week.     During this workshop IKN will present its plant design for the CLEANKER pilot project and the first steps towards scaling up to a full-size cement plant.   CLEANKER aims to demonstrate the CaL concept, one of the most promising technologies for ...