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Pikalevsky launches CEM I delivery in big bags

02 March 2022, Published under Cement News

Pikalevsky Cement Co , part of Mikhailovsky Combine of Building Materials, has launched the supply and delivery of CEM I 42.5N cement in 1t big bags. The bags have a soft moisture-proof packaging. The company has launched a closed cement calibration complex, according to Esmerk Russian News.

Caribbean Cement to launch Vertua-certified cement

07 February 2022, Published under Cement News

Cemex -owned Caribbean Cement Co will be launching its newly co-branded Vertua-certified cement to support the reduction in carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2030. “Vertua is a brand that CEMEX worldwide has selected to put on all the low-carbon cement — it's an umbrella, it's a branding. We have a product that has already qualified as Vertua. Every bag you see out there that carries Carib Cement or Carib Cement plus is a low-carbon product,” said the company’s Managing Director, Yago ...

Nuvoco launches two products for its Zero M Brand

02 November 2021, Published under Cement News

Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd has launched Zero M Water Shield 2K and Zero M Speedex Tile Grout in a virtual event. Developed at the Nuvoco Construction Development and Innovation Centre (CDIC), the products are ready to use and are designed to provide excellent resistance to water ingress, claims Nuvoco Vistas Corp.    Zero M Watershield 2K is a two-component acrylic cementitious coating formulated to be mixed on-site and applied over the concrete and masonry surfaces by brush, to provide an el...

Holcim launches 'ECOPlanet' a global range of green cement

28 July 2021, Published under Cement News

Holcim has launched ECOPlanet, its global range of green cement delivering at least 30 per cent lower carbon footprint with equal to superior performance. ECOPlanet is available in Germany, Romania, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy, and will be distributed across 15 countries in 2021, with the objective of doubling its market presence by the end of 2022 to enable low-carbon construction at scale.   Jan Jenisch, Holcim's CEO: "I am excited to introduce ECOPlanet, the lat...

Nuvoco Vistas Corp launch CorroSafe

15 June 2021, Published under Cement News

Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd has launched Concreto CorroSafe, which is a corrosion-resistant concrete that extends the life of buildings. The advanced concrete mix design is reinforced with corrosion-resistant admixtures that act as inhibitors towards water seepage and rusting, protecting the lifespan of the structures, says Nuvoco Vistas. It is specially designed to increase the density and durability of the concrete mix.   Speaking on the product, Prashant Jha, who leads the Ready-Mix busine...

Cemex Panamá to produce low-carbon general-purpose cement

03 May 2021, Published under Cement News

Cemex Panamá announced it will be producing its first low-carbon cement as part of its Cementos Vertua general-purpose cement product range. Cementos Vertua’s CO 2 emissions are up to 40 per cent lower than conventional cements while preserving its technical properties and maintaining the Cemex standards of quality. “We recognise that construction in the future must be balanced with its environmental effects and that these challenges are met by collaborating with our clients and stakeho...

Holcim Mexico launches Holcim Supra range

04 February 2021, Published under Cement News

Following years of research at its Center for Technological Innovation for Construction and with international support of LafargeHolcim’s Innovation Center in Lyon, France, Holcim Mexico has launched a new product range, Holcim Supra. The new product family is the only smart 3-in-1 technology that, in addition to repelling water, optimises production processes and protects works from environmental agents, keeping them in good condition for longer, says Holcim Mexico. Holcim Supra is aime...

Argos launches ECO Multiproposito in Honduras

10 August 2020, Published under Cement News

Colombian cement producer Argos has launched its ECO Multiproposito cement in Honduras. The product is a general-purpose cement that thanks to sustainable production processes lowers CO 2 emissions by 40 per cent. Energy for the production process at the company’s Comayagua plant is sourced from a solar power array that it inaugurated at the start of 2020. The new product is said to be the first environmentally-friendly cement sold in the country, reports Esmerk Latin American News.

INC launches new cement

11 July 2019, Published under Cement News

Paraguay’s Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC) has launched a new Portland cement, type CP II-C40, produced exclusively for structural work. Due to its high strength it is recommended for structures where the demoulding time is fundamental for the works, rotation of formwork and progress of the schedule. With increased resistance to humidity, the concrete produced with this cement is more workable, which results in easier placement and compaction, thus increasing its durability. As it is...

Ecebol to start cement sales in August

13 June 2019, Published under Cement News

Bolivian state-owned producer Empresa Pública Productiva de Cementos de Bolivia (Ecebol) will start selling cement from its new Oruro works in August. According to the manager of the Development Service of Public Productive Enterprises (SEDEM), Patricia Ballivián, the current cost of the cement is the most expensive in the region and the company will serve to increase competition in the domestic market and set “a fair price” for the population and construction companies. “We already have...