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Re: PH Outlet Gas Flow

Yes, you must also calculate the composition of the gas based on the composition of the kiln feed and fuels.

Re: cooler selection

The best would be tool on the websites of IKN & KHD and see the figures they are quoting.

Re: Snowman On the kiln burner

This is a common occurence and is sometimes called a "rhino-horn". It is almost impossible to prevent due to the aero...

Re: raw meal silos

The best idea is to look on the websites of equipment suppliers like FL Smidth where you can download brochures about...

Re: coating

Periodic collapse of coating is a normal occurence, as is wear of the refractory lining and the eventual need to repl...

Re: Total alkali

Perhaps because that reduces the stated amount of total alkali. If it was potassium equivalent it would increase it.

Re: Normal Cubic Meter

With any specification or comparison the conditions must be defined. A car may be quoted to do 20km per litre, but it...

Re: Inherent moisture

Coals with high inherent moisture are younger coals with higher volatile content. It is not the moisture that renders...


I do not have benchmarks for VSK cement plants.

Re: Cement for Common Man

The only tests are those that are undertaken in the physical and chemical laboratories. There are no empirical tests ...