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Argentina sees cement demand fall 11% in 2016

05 January 2017, Published under Cement News

Argentina’s cement consumption edged up 0.7 per cent YoY to 940,081t in December 2016, but fell 7.2 per cent MoM, according to provisional figures released by the country’s cement association, AFCP. The country’s producers supplied 946,480t of cement in December 2016, some seven per cent less than in November, but 0.9 per cent extra to the volume supplied in December 2015. While most of this output was delivered to the domestic market, there was a significant YoY increase in shipments...

Argentina sees 1.6 per cent drop in domestic cement dispatches

08 December 2016, Published under Cement News

Argentina’s cement market decreased 8.8 per cent MoM and 1.6 per cent YoY to 1,007,207t in November 2016, according to the country’s cement association, AFCP. In addition, around 5,898t of cement were imported, representing a 0.7 per cent fall MoM but a 36.5 per cent rise YoY. However, domestic cement producers were able to increase export sales by 32.8 per cent MoM and 85.4 per cent YoY as 10,663t of cement crossed national borders. For the first 11 months, the domestic cement market co...

Argentina sees fall in domestic and export demand

25 October 2016, Published under Cement News

In September 2016 Argentina’s cement plants dispatched 1,003,457t of cement, including exports, which represents a MoM fall of 4.1 per cent and a YoY drop of 11.1 per cent, according to the Asociación de Fabricantes de Cemento Portland (AFCP), the country's cement association. The domestic market contracted by 4.1 per cent MoM and 11.5 per cent YoY as 1,001,131t were sold within Argentina’s borders. Exports reached 7,226t, a 117 per cent increase when compared with August and up 51 ...

Argentina reports upturn in cement demand in August

08 September 2016, Published under Cement News

Cement dispatches in Argentina increased by 6.7 per cent YoY in August, according to preliminary figures published by the Argentine cement association, AFCP. The domestic market required the supply of 1,042,862t, up from 977,469t in August 2015. Argentine output was supplemented by 1.366Mt of imports, unlike the same period of the previous year when no imports entered the country. Exports fell by nearly 20 per cent from 4.152Mt in August 2015 to 3.33Mt one year later. For the first ei...

Argentina's cement demand down 20.7%

09 August 2016, Published under Cement News

In July Argentina's cement demand fell 20.7 per cent YoY from 1,069,622t in July 2015 to 847,684t and slipped 1.1 per cent from the 857,525t recorded in June, according to the country cement association, AFCP. Exports also decreased from 4140t in July 2015 to 3696t one year later. Compared with June 2016, they dropped 26.4 per cent. In the year to date, domestic cement consumption declined 15.2 per cent from 6,946,742t in Jan-Jul 2015 to 5,889,665t in the first seven months of 2016. Argen...

Argentine cement demand notes 16.5% rise in May

10 June 2016, Published under Cement News

Dispatches from Argentina’s cement plants rose by 16.5 per cent in May 2016 after a six consecutive months of decreases. Around 881,000t of cement were delivered to the domestic market, according to the country’s cement association AFCP. Some 9000t of cement was exported by domestic producers during May, reflecting a 22.7 per cent drop in export sales when compared with last October’s export peak of 1.1Mta. For the first five months, cement demand in the Latin American contract has fal...

Argentina’s monthly cement consumption 2.5% ahead

04 November 2015, Published under Cement News

The Argentina cement market saw increased sales in October 2015, up 2.5 per cent YoY from 1,100,852t to 1,127,869t, according to AFCP, the country's cement association. Export sales, however, fell by 56 per cent from 14,344t to 6342t over the same period. In the year to date, dispatches rose 8.4 per cent to 10,175,570t from 9,383,267t posted in January-October 2014. Exports experienced a 42 per cent fall from 137,249t to 79,602t.

Argentinian cement deliveries up 8.3% YoY in May

03 June 2015, Published under Cement News

In May 2015 Argentina’s cement plants shipped 1,001,540t of cement (including exports), representing a five per cent drop compared to last April, but up 7.8 per cent YoY, according to the Argentinian cement producers' association, AFCP. The domestic market expanded by 8.3 per cent YoY as 996,149t were delivered within the country’s borders. When compared with the previous month, a 4.7 per cent fall was noted.

Argentina’s February cement deliveries up 13% YoY

23 March 2015, Published under Cement News

Total cement dispatches (including exports) from Argentina’s cement producers fell five per cent MoM in February, but rose 11.8 per cent YoY to 897,299t, according to cement association AFCP. Domestic deliveries reached 885,296t, down 4.6 per cent MoM but up 12.9 per cent YoY. Argentina imported 273t of cement in February, higher than the 227t reported for January. Exports fell 26 per cent from 16,589t in January to 12,276t one month later. YoY the drop was more marked at 34.2 per cent...

Argentina: cement consumption rises 5% MoM but notes 3% YoY decline

07 November 2014, Published under Cement News

The Argentine cement market expanded by 5.3 per cent MoM to 1,101,072t in October 2014 but contracted by 3.1 per cent YoY, according to AFCP, the national cement producers’ association. The country’s cement producers dispatched 1,115,224t in the period. The figure, which includes exports represents a MoM increase of 5.8 per cent but a fall of 3.1 per cent YoY.