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Iranian cement production rises 4.6 per cent

04 February 2013, Published under Cement News

Iranian cement production output continues its upward rise, having increased by 4.6 per cent YoY over the past 10 months.  A total of 58.62Mt was produced in the first 10 months of the Iranian year (beginning 20 March 2012), according to the secretary of the Guild Association of Cement Producers, Abdulreza Sheikhan. He said 58.634Mt of clinker were produced during the period, showing an increase of 4.4 per cent compared to the figure for the same period of the past year, Some 4.46Mtof...

Kenya set to see decline in 2012 consumption

31 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Kenyan cement consumption is set to register the first decline in three years. Provisional data for 2012 from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics shows that consumption is unlikely to go over the 3Mt mark surpassed in the previous two years. Over the first 11 months of 2012, demand reached 2.6Mt compared to 3.4Mt in full-year 2011 and 3.1Mt in 2010. On the positive side, consumption in November 2012 saw a MoM gain of six per cent to 337,096t from 318,016t in October 2012. Cement produ...

Colombia’s cement output drops 1.3% in December 2012

31 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Colombia’s grey cement production fell 1.3 per cent YoY in December 2012 as output slipped to 948,400t, according to the national statistics agency DANE. In terms of dispatches, some 831,500t were sold on the national market, a 5.9 per cent YoY cut, attributed mainly to the 11.6 per cent drop in retail sales. However, builders and contractors increased their takeoff by 9.9 per cent. The largest contraction in dispatches was noted in Bogotá (-17.7 per cent) while Cundinamarca enjoyed a...

Investing in Iranian cement production

29 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Iran’s Bank of Industry & Mine, a specialised government-owned bank which aims to increase economic growth through the development of the industry and mining sectors, has allotted around EUR400m to fund 15 cement projects over the past three years, IRNA News Agency has reported. Latest figures on the cement sector show that Iran's cement output will reach 75Mt, by the end of current Iranian calendar year (19 March 2013), according to Deputy Iranian Industry, Mine, and Trade Minister, Vaj...

Congo’s SONOCC aims for 300,000tpa output

24 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Société Nouvelle des Ciments du Congo (SONOCC) plans to increase its annual output after completing an expansion project last week which is expected to alleviate a cement shortfall and help bring down prices. The cement producer plans to lift output from 72,000t to 300,000t. The higher volumes are forecast to reduce the cement deficit in the country as well as support national construction efforts. It is also expected to bring down the price of a bag of cement, which currently stands at X...

Bolivia’s Fancesa announces 0.66Mta capacity expansion by 2016

24 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Fancesa celebrated its 54th anniversary by announcing plans for a new factory, enabling the Bolivian cement makers to produce an additional 2000tpd of clinker, equivalent to 0.86Mta of cement. The US$220m plant would enter service by 2016. Meanwhile, from March onwards, Fancesa will be producing an extra 1000tpd following the completion of a new clinker line at its Sucre works which will enable a 40 per cent capacity rise. The US$35m investment made so far is financed entirely with equi...

Udayapur Cement production levels increased

24 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Udayapur Cement, the largest cement producer in Nepal has resumed higher levels of production which had recently been scaled back because of technical difficulties. The company’s cement plant has a capacity of 800tpd but due problems with equipment the plant had only been producing 450tpd. However, general manager of the plant Dr Surendra Prasad, has since told The Himalyan newspaper that the issues have been rectified and production has been increased to 550tpd.

Algeria’s Oggaz plant hits production record

21 January 2013, Published under Cement News

The Lafarge-owned Oggaz cement plant, in Mascara, Algeria, achieved a new production and sales record for grey cement in 2012. Meanwhile, increased output of white cement reduced imports of the product by nearly one-third. In 2012, around 3.1Mt of grey cement left the factory gates, according to the company. Lafarge Algeria CEO, Luc Callebat, said: “The Oggaz plant is only five years old but managed to reach the historical result of 3.1Mt of grey cement sold in 2012. It is the countr...

Latin America market movements

21 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Three major Latin American countries, Brazil, Peru and Argentina, released full-year consumption figures for 2012 this week with two showing YoY gains while demand in the third faltered. Brazil With Brazil's economy continuing its lull, construction activity is expected to have grown by five per cent last year, thus underperforming its significant potential. Fundamentally, the opportunities for the construction sector are immense given the country's housing and infrastructure needs and...

Vietnam output reaches 47Mt in 2012

18 January 2013, Published under Cement News

Vietnam-based cement manufacturers produced more than 47Mt of cement in 2012, meeting 85.5 per cent of their full year target, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Construction (MoC) on its website. Total dispatches for the year were 53.61Mt, including domestic sales of 45.5Mt – down 7.1 per cent YoY. Cement and clinker exports, however, rose by 30 per cent to 8.1Mt. The MoC underlined the challenges faced by the local cement sector this year including a huge cement inventor...