Pavilion Technologies Awarded Fifteen New Patents

Pavilion Technologies Awarded Fifteen New Patents
09 August 2006

Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in model-based software, today announced that it has been awarded fifteen new patents for innovations in the field of modelling, optimisation and control. Pavilion’s new patents enable manufacturers to further improve manufacturing production processes and thereby increase production, enhance in-process quality and reduce variable costs. These patents also extend the application of Pavilion’s modelling technology to the enterprise, generating additional value for manufacturers seeking to bridge plant-to-enterprise gaps with robust model-based production performance metrics.

“Our long history of technical innovation and continued emphasis on innovative research has enabled us to deliver leading-edge manufacturing solutions that provide immediate value to our manufacturing clients,” said Pavilion Technologies CEO, Ralph Carter. “Our new patents not only strengthen the value of our solutions within the plant, but also uniquely help customers who are trying to integrate business and production processes across the enterprise.”

The fifteen new patents represent Pavilion’s continued commitment to deliver customer value in four distinct ways: Improve Model Quality While Reducing Deployment Time Increase Overall Value of Control and Optimization Solution Enhance Enterprise Value Support Next Generation Applications

“System and Method of Adaptive Control of Processes with Varying Dynamics” (U.S. Patent 7,039,475) provides control of very fast systems such as particle accelerators, where accurate dynamics are absolutely critical to successful control. “Dynamic Controller for Controlling a System” (U.S. Patent 7,050,866) allows manufacturers to more effectively control a dynamic environment by allowing use of independent static and dynamic nonlinear models in a prediction, control and optimisation environment. “A Method for Optimising a Plant with Multiple Inputs” (U.S. Patent 6,950,711) combines steady state models with dynamic models in an integrated control and optimisation solution. “Method and Apparatus for Maximizing Power usage in a Power Plant” (U.S. Patent 7,058,483) allows rules-based objectives to be combined into control and optimisation applications through dynamic targets. “Kiln Thermal and Combustion Control” (U.S. Patent 7,047,089) extends the capabilities of “Kiln Thermal and Combustion” (U.S. Patent 7,024,252), which allows cement and minerals manufacturers to control and stabilise complex, non-linear kiln processes in order to increase controller uptime and reduce energy use.
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