Rezzato and Devnya plant engineering and erection

Rezzato and Devnya plant engineering and erection: the challenges and successes in realising new plant construction when combining European and Chinese technologies: Roberto Fedi, Italcementi (Italy)

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Good morning to everybody, and thank you very much Keith for your introduction. I will start with the first part of the presentation. Till the technology choice description leaving to my colleague, Matteo Marconi, the task to complete the section related to the purchasing strategy and erection in both plants.

We will try
to give you an idea on why, what and how we decided to realize the [xx] of the two our burdening line, Italian and Bulgarian, fulfilling the request of our company and stakeholders, including Challenges and successes of the realization. Before doing that, let me spend few words on Italchimici.

What are Italchimici and strategy, and then we will enter in the specific topic of the speech. Italchimici is a very old Italian company established in 1864, in 1925 was the first semi company listed in Italian Stocks Exchange. In 1992 with the acquisition of [xx], became the world's fifth larger producer. Today, between integrated plants, grinding center, and terminals, Italchimici is present in 22 countries with the consolidated production capacity of around 60 million tonne of cement, and a staff of around 18,500 people.

In 2013, the annual sales exceeded €4.2 billion on business. This year is the 105th anniversary of a successful business strategy implemented by a family-driven company at the fifth generation. After the words of Jack Christopher, I don't know how long this configuration will last. Italchimici foundation are research and innovation.

Italchimici has always pushed to the implementation of innovative, sustainable solution both in technologies and materials that are our means to build competitive advantage. Innova recently has launched his innovative approach to the market, Innova, which is a qualified system, universal and intuitiveorganize around the concept of performance.

All products are grouped into 11 performance [xx], each one offering solution for special needs facilitating the customer's choice and their purchase process. Group Technical Center. Let me now introduce CTG. CTG is an acronym of Group Technical Center, that is an Italchimici subsidiary, established in 1994 merging Italchimici engineering and Ciments Francais Technode.

In 2008, it was reorganized in three main departments. The first one, Research and Development and laboratory, to develop and implement strategic project concerning materials, products, and applications introducing the environmental impact and strengthening our market position. The second one, Technology and Performance, to assist the subsidiary in optimizing their technical and economic performance.

To support the Italchimici group new production process, testing, validating and introducing process innovation, and to support large project in a new installation realization for what concern? Technologies, and machine choice, and commissioning. Last, but not least, large projects to design and lead new plants,

Revamping expansion of existing one performing all the tasks from feasibility study upto the commission, insuring compliance with all project targets. In timing of time, cost and performance. Common task to all the departments is they know how preservation and the dissemination within the group.

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