High temperature clinker cooler gas filtration without water injection: Thomas Wyen, Ecospray Technologies (Italy)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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We are going to speak about high temperature clinker cooler gas filtration without water infection. So this is an index of this presentation in which we very first go to some different arguments. First of all we will speak a little bit about Ecospray research and product development for cement applications, then hot gas filtration and use solution for an old problem in cement plants, then fifth pilot plant in Calusco, this was the first step and then the second step was the industrial plant in rezzato for Italcementi, then I will speak about some ceramic elements main features about some information about the filter, generally layout of distribution system temperate or pressure drop, compressity are gone some shown and then some consideration about main advantage of high temperate or filtration for example.

Eco-spray, generally speaking developed and designed innovative technologies for AR in gas cleaning or gas cooling in many industrial application and power generation plants. So it's best that you can hear me better, since 2005 Ecospray research and development section has lead to important technical advanced solution applicable to cement production plants, amongst other things water injection in syclone for a heater, spray sentinel, this is an automatic monitoring of spray lense that allows to detect malfunctions before that you have problems in the gas cooling tower.

Then spill ayer technology, this is a high pressure nozzle characterized by low power requirement and droplet size similar to what is obtainable with compressed air automizing then SNCR urea external gasification. Practically we inject the urea in the preheater in the same place where it's with the normal plants.

But the external evaporation allows to have less urea consumption, almost half. And then at the last point, ceramic elements for high temperature filtration. So normally, cement manufacturers are always interested in new technologies that enable them to make their plant more profitable by reusing energy excesses.

Typical example of this is the filtration of hot gas containing dust. The limiting factor is the maximum operative working temparature of the bags that are normally used it is up to 300 degrees, and in this case, we have a waste of energy because we inject water to cool down the gas or we use false air so Ecospray has developed and introduced into the market the innovative ceramic filtering elements.

The new type are these elements. This new type of filter elements allowed to work at very high temperatures up to 800 degrees and to maintain excellent efficiency along the time. Additionally as earlier presentation has given a lot of details. Additionally, these ceramic elements can also be combined with suitable catalyst for making some removal of nitrogen oxide VOC with excellent results.

So the first step was working together with Italcementi was to have pilot plant. You can see here is the first filter that we have worked on. This was a relatively small filter this was in operation from January 2012 to May 2013, with only 70 Islamic elements, the length was 3, 000 millimeter and the diameter 115 millimeter.

Total filtration area was about 14 square meters.

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