The wet to dry conversion of Akmenes Cementas: Pietro De Michieli, Bedeschi / CTP (Italy)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, Mr chairman thank you very much. So I will start very, very quickly because time is limited with a very quick overview of the company for all of you that doesn't know Bedeschi. As Bedeschi Company we have four line of production. One is in the brick industry, one is in the bulk material handling, one is in marine logistics and then mining.

We have wide and extensive engineering starting from feasibility studies, then basic engineering complete greenfield and key installation. We are one of the high lender because we still have our own workshop which is 70,000 square meter based in the North of Italy, close to Venice and in this workshop we are manufacturing and assembling the key components of our machinery.

And then last but not least we are 100 years younger, actually more than 100 years because the foundation was 1908 and nowadays we are celebrating a 107. Our organisation is worldwide trying to help and assist all the clients locally as much as we can to be very close to them, coming from Australia, Jakarta, Dubai, Moscow, and then Turkey and then of course Italy, North Africa, North and South America.

We are more than 250, actually 260 people and 70,000 square meter as I mentioned. We have a worldwide alliance with Leibherr in order to provide full complete turn key terminal for export of minerals such as cement, clinker and coal. Some pictures of the workshop where we are as you can see, assembling the key components of our machinery inside the workshop, in order to invite then the client to touch their components before the shipment.

The case studies of Akmenes Cementas. Akmenes Cementas is the biggest Lithuanian manufacturer of cement and they started their project few years ago and their idea was to convert the process from wet to dry process. The theme of the project was composed by Bedeschi Group plus the pyro processor supplier which was KHD and then as counterpart there was the client and the consultant of the client.

Therefore we started our analysis and we analyzed the series of action in order to transform the cement production from wet to dry. As expert of raw material handling I have to admit that in Russian and Baltic countries in general in eastern countries, the raw material handling is really very difficult, very difficult because each day of the year you should have a different process and a different machinery, due to the fact that the climate is changing practically each every season.

You have the Spring where you have relatively hot season, starting from Spring to Summer where you have mainly product which is very moisture content high and sticky products and then going to Autumn and winter where the product becomes very strong and very hard and so different attitude to be ended.

In the Akmenes Cementas what was the idea? We are the one section of existing limestone unit of crushing, so the existing crusher was saved for limestone. The capacity was 1,000 tonne per hour but from the output of the crusher, new conveyors up to the storage were designed and fabricated.

On the other side, the arrival by train of clay plus the clay unloading by grab and totally new clay apron feeder, plus clay crusher, plus the new line up to the storage was also designed, so you have two sources on parallel, clay on this side 350 tonne per hour and the limestone on this side for 1,000 tonne per hour.

Just before the storage where there was it is a typical problem in storage because there is clay and limestone inside, it was installed online analyzer. The online analyzer feedback was

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