Transport logistics – optimising truck productivity and haulier payment schemes: Karsten Horn, INFORM GmbH (Germany)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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There are lots of challenges in today's business so it is not easy to handle the supply chain so you sometimes have to do some hard turns or used diversions to get the business running and it is not only haulier's that our could be internal processes, customer requirements or even own employees as well.

Today I'd like to show you how the benefit with an example of haulier payment schemes from planning and optimization in our industry. My name is Karsten Horn, I'm responsible for business development for company inform, we're an optimization company means we're developing optimization solutions especially in the construction and building materials industry.

What does optimization mean? if I would ask you, what is your definition of optimization, properly you would tell me, well to optimize something means to improve something that's a colloquial way from a mathematical point of view optimization means the best fitting, alternative from a given set of alternatives.

And that in for all we combine this mathematical approach with real auto main knowledge in this case materials building materials or construction material management and optimization. Talk about software what does the architecture look like usually you have few system in place where you get the orders from then you do a pre planning usually today for tomorrow or maybe for the next shift simply to know what is expected it is to happen and then usually dates could always be kind of a bottleneck, so makes sense to put on top some time slot management even to try to convince the customers to come at a certain time to be served there, and what is really important planning is good but it is always good what happens during the day.

So what is the real time giving you and therefore we will tamarack optimization that means feedback for example from the trucks if the they have stuck in traffic or whatever. Look at the financial benefits from this planning optimization here we have a certain kind of annual transport folio you have a number of trucks that you have to use to fulfill this volume your fixed cost arrival cost are kind of matching so you have annual cost suck and you have cost per tonne, if you do know optimization on yeah, showing the saving is zero, if we use an intelligent system that could be element add on to your B system or maybe on your B system as well it's possible to reach all the stuff with less trucks which in the end means less cost per tonne so that's quite a potential to save and if you then use about optimization usually on operation research approach behind very high sophisticated mathematics, very specialized systems sorry, it's also possible in this case to reduce the number of trucks further on and save another in this case to €250000. But planning not only has an impact on cash it also has additional benefits, so besides those financial ones you improve your quality, for example due to a data throughput, there are less queuing of even no trucks are queuing on side your plant, you don't have to rearrange them because they;re standing somewhere whether you don't have to.

Which also has an impact on your HSE issues so the chance of accidents is getting lower for sure if the there's many trucks as it could be. Take into consideration availability, you can avoid stock out of your products, telling your customers when to appear at your plant, to be served without any

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