Greenfield and plant expansion and upgrade projects: Nouran Yaghchi, Whitehopleman (UK)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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Good afternoon all the Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I will speak about Whitehopleman services in general and we will speak about our vision to get the best out of, especially Chinese, EPC contractors during the construction and upgrading of the projects. First of all, I would like to tell you quickly about Whitehopleman. Whitehopleman is a consultant for international cement industries based in UK and we opened recently our branch here in Dubai.

Our consultant services range start from projects and continue to cover the operating and maintenance for the existing clients. At the Whitehopleman, we are involved in technical and commercial feasibility studies for the cement capacity development, and performance improvement, and this is just a quick vision about what we did so far. In 2004, we had feasibility studies in Iran for 6 million ton line.

2005, we made the feasibility study for 2 million ton line in Angola, then in 2008, we advised the requirements to attracts some companies to invest in Libya in the free zone. 2009, 2011, we had some feasibility studies in both Nigeria and Indonesia for 2 million ton per year cement plants. Also, Whitehopleman regularly involved in project monitoring and from investors, and this is some of our investors, and you can see we have a relationship with IFC, EIB, ADB,

and usually these investors appoint Whitehopleman as an independent consultant for their project which they're investing in, and as an independent consultant, Whitehopleman is regularly monitoring the physical and financial progress of the project with highlighting all the risks and the solutions for all these risks to eliminate it and finish the project in the best way.

Here's some of our monitoring projects which have been completed from 2006-2008. We were independent monetary consultant in Turkey on behalf of IFS and we finished the project in Kahramanmaras. Our technical team has visited the site in 2006 the first time led by Dr. Clark, our General Director, and the team had civil and mechanical engineers and they made all the studies there. Sorry, and with many visits during 2007 and 2008, we completed the project there and verified that all the projects have been completed properly.

Another project has been in 2010 with ANCAP in Uruguay and also we have that one for, as you can see modernization of the existing cement plant and we also have in 2010 with the same ANCAP independent assessment of the cement plant project management arrangement. 2012, we have retained to verify the completion of the second clinker line production in Senegal by DEG Invest of Germany.

According to area retained as an independent monitoring consultant with the, with the Derba Midroc Cement Company in Ethiopia and that's also on behalf of IFC and other lenders like AFDB, EIB, and DBE. This independent monitoring has started in 2009, also Dr. Clark led the technical team there, and we made the many site visits during 2010, 2011, when the construction had to take place and the final ignition was on 5th of February, 2012. The main contractor was CNBM and that's one of the plants which Chinese EPC contractor has done

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