Upgrade & new plant projects across the MENA region: Luc Rudowski, Polysius SAS/ThyssenKrupp (France)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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Thank you. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I will start my presentation say a few words about our group ThyssenKrupp. As a result of several accusation over the last years ThyssenKrupp was composed of several companies. Each having it's own culture, identity, know how, and it was just a matter of time before common sense would get to a reorganization, targeting clear and common strategy for all the entities. With a significant strategy between them and having the same type of activities, at the end giving a strong identities for the group.

The first step was to define four business areas representing the sector activity of the ThyssenKrupp Group as you can see on this graph. The component technology, the elevator technology, material services steel Americas and steel Europe. And eventually industrial solutions that was created by developing all the engineering companies of ThyssenKrupp that you might know of for sure very well is Polysius in the cement. [xx] was active in the quarry and mining industry but also [xx] mainly acting in the [xx] chemical.

So there is obviously significance energy in all these activity working process, equipment portfolio and customers. And the merge of [xx] and Polysius was an evidence and already took place giving birth to this ThyssenKrupp industrial solutions. In order to be closer to the market and better serve our customers, each existing entity now step by step will merge together, country by country into TKIS country entitity. Hence, KH Mineral and Polysius SAS of France are currently merging and will become TKIS France in 2015 in June.

So, from now we are all acting as cheese and cook company with a common mission statement or entry around the technology and material companies that we meet the challenge of tomorrow with our customers. We hold ourselves to the highest turn out in terms of quality, safety, etc, and we share common values. With customer oriented culture it's well known recognized flexibility and as a pioneer with the group to handle big, challenging EPC projects successfully. It's naturally that Polysius France, so TKIS France in the future, is finding its way in this new organization in continuity with values that made Polysius success.

Let's now few words about the market condition in MENA and West Africa, so Tony and other speakers in the morning explained fairly well as experts of the countries. So you certainly can evidence that there was a constructed situation over the last years in the country on the background of instability, political and economic uncertainty in the Mediterranean realm.

The situation is for sure very different from one country to the other as explained by Tony a few minutes ago. But however we can point out that favorable demographics, humanization with a need for new housing, infrastructure and industralization we might remain a strong driver to fuel cement event in MENA. And we could observe that during the last 10 years, the growths in the cement consumption was very high in MENA, and now it's the case for Sub-Saharan Africa where the cement producers are seizing opportunity to complete and balance their portfolios.

So, for sure that in this uncertain and challenging environment some of the entrepreneur's risks can also be reduced and the cement producer entrusted Polysius SAS with the execution of several challenging projects in the region mostly on EPC basis. So, I will highlight some recent case study where we can demonstrate our ability to take up this challenge in different conditions and environment.

I'd like to point out that in 2014 all the intake was as high as, higher than half billion, you order and take in countries like Algeria, Saudi Arabia, West African countries that I will detail and also recently in Egypt.

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