Prospects for the Vietnam cement industry: Thuan Nguyen, StoxPlus Corp (Vietnam)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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Thank you. So, well about Vietnam. We are a very small country, but interestingly cement sector is double of [XX] Thailand and the same size as Indonesia. But we're less than about 15 years below Thailand. But that's an opportunity as well. So, I'm not selling Vietnam for today, I'm not selling cement, but I'm sharing with you some local[XX] or inside out view for use.

For anyone of you who are interested in Vietnam cement for either trading, investment or any connection even for [xx]. We are tested technology and so on. We have the great network there. I'm not the cement manufacturing guys but I have a big team and some industry people as well based in Hanoi [XX] city.

So after the presentation, anything we can talk about Vietnam, so please contact me on my colleagues accompanying me, okay. So, would you like to hear about the bad things first or good things first about our country's, cement? Okay, so I have 15 minites, 20 actually extactly. I'm going to tell you about four things, I think mostly three things.

First is the headlight about supply and demand. We have a similar story like Thailand, but we are more in serious situation, because of a number of reasons about the supply and demand, but we are very volatile. It's unlike Thailand where it 's stable 2, 4% ,12, no this year we are 5, next year my be 10 or next year might be negative,so that's 'the way of Vietnam very volatile, so looking at the Vietnam be careful, okay?

That's the emerging, and that's the livestock market Vietnam is up and down, up and down every year. So, in just a second, I'm going to provide you some sort of sector performance, very important. You go see how the consolidation is having going on and why. Like Thailand you have few players but Vietnam we have nearly 100, so the consolidation M and A, opportunity for you guys from Japan, from Thailand, Siam, actually Siam is one of our customer and some other for taking the opportunity to acquire the local company there and I will share you one of the most important findings about our focus, very independent focus. When should be the balance?

Between the supply and demand? And what reason, in what area [xx] city, Hanoi or Central? This should be very closer look to Vietnam, it's a small country but a local base view serves me better for any business, for anyone who would like to look into Vietnam, to shake hands with the local business there. And lastly about most recent update about the micro economic, we are having some signal of recovery and I think that's a good signal for cement industry in the median and in the long run even the residential and real estate are recovering there, so, that's the supply and demand over the past 14 years and we're having some surplus from 2009 and now we're in the big surplus and I wish how we led a Wensobe[sp?] what does consequences after surplus for the cement and in the previous presentation, something about the export, but that's very bad news for our country actually.

You know why do we have to export? Because, the cement should be up running all the times, so when we have [xx] should be so off below the cost to Bangladesh, to Philippines to [xx] and so. So that would not be good news [xx]. This is similar situation to Thailand but I will show you later about what's more serious for Vietnam actually. Next We are in surplus situation but actually

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