A new drive concept for large Loesche cement mills: Abdullah Bellafkih, Loesche (Germany)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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The subject of my today's presentation is Loesche Cement Mills and New Drive Concept for Large Cement Mills. Well, my presentation is therefore has been structured in three parts. Well the first part will be the explanation of the reason, the reason why the decision was made in the favor of Loesche Vertical Roller Mills and then the second part of my presentations, we'll be introduce a new drive concept for the Loesche Cement Mills and then after about, around 20 minutes, I will finalize my presentation with a short conclusion.

Well, the cement can produce a much more energy efficiency in VRM system compared to the traditional boomer system, is a common knowledge and in general accepted by the cement producer worldwide. However, when I had the first model Loesche VRM was solved for the production of cement mill in 1993, the market was still hesitating and waiting for operation results but after the operation results of the first installation showing that the cement qualities are accepted to the market and that the major of the cement's producer changed their preference to Vertical Roller Mill system.

Whilst for the ball system, it had a market share of some 905 in the 2000 and has now been drastically reduced to the way below 15% and compensated by the more efficient and flexible Vertical Roller Mill system. Therefore, Loesche has currently solved nearly more than 320 vertical roller mill for cement grinding equipped with the parting design,

2+2, or 3+3 and 4+4 technology of which more than 200 mills are already in successful operation. By the way, when I say the cement grinding, it's like grinding is also included. Such number underline the fact that the market has acknowledged the improved the Loesche vertical roller mill technology for the cement grinding and the state of the art, market trend has also knowledge- enriched the region of Middle East.

All Loesche Mills are designed with flat grinding table, ensure the defined grind to get between the grinding roller, rollers in grinding plates during the entire service life of the grinding parts. Also, the welding, the welding can take place much easier than machines with groove grinding tracks. Grinding is carried out primarily to the application of compressive forces in the small amount of the share forces. The Loesche, type of grinding roller ideally fine grinding and at the same time ensure the minimum rare.

This is especially compared to the non tapered cylindrical rollers which is so far extremely rare. The grinding rollers of the Loesche Vertical Roller Mills are supported and guided by the individually in rocker arm system. Therefore, no intermediate frame and groove grinding trick is necessary in order to keep the grinding rollers in a position. Flexible hydro-pneumatic string loading system of the rocker arms ensure the correct grinding pressures for all circumstances.

It could mean different materials with different grandibility or different product finances and so on. It is also included in the integrated mechanism to lift the roller as an aid for the mill wind starting up for the grinding track. The wall grinding parts can be simply and quickly replaced. The grinding rollers for the example are retracted from the grinding chamber into the, into the vertical position using the hydraulic string. A complete, complete Rollers or roller tyres can be simply be maintained. Loesche mills are designed following modular design concept. This concept allows to use a proper paths for the cement raw materials,

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