Eastern European and CIS construction and cement markets: Bartlomiej Sosna, PMR (Poland)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Well, good morning or almost afternoon. So two hours ago I had a presentation on the Central Europe, European market, now I was asked also to include the CIS region which I will do with pleasure. So firstly, just quickly about our company,who we are, what we do? So PMR is a [xx] based in Poland along development research company, established 20 years ago.

We conduct every year around 200 different research projects, produce around 70 industry reports, we employ in-house around 100 professionals and cover up 25 countries in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our co-activity is business consulting, market research, data analyzing internalizing and to work different industry portals.

This is just a scope of our offer, intelligence portals, industrial reports,special sector newsletters and all accounts of different industry databases and just for more info about our company visit ceeconstruction.com. Then our presentation, first we must look at the first part of the presentation, Central Europe. In PMR we define and analyse Central Europe as a group of six countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. These four countries entered the European Union in 2004, and the two other countries, Romania and Bulgaria entered the union a few years later. Firstly, let's look at the structure of the region, by far Poland is the major market in the region with 40% percent of the population, and as much as 60% of number of housing completed, so the residential construction is very strong in Poland compared to other countries in the region. The second country is Romania with around 22% of cement consumption, and the third most important country is the Czech Republic the most developed country with highest GDP per capita and the Czech Republic is responsible for around 11% of cement consumption so in total the top three countries represent 80% of the cement consumption in the region and now let's have a look at the trends of the development in the Central Europe since the beginning of the financial crisis. So as you can see on the chart Poland is in a totally different reality for the couple of years compared to other countries. While the other countries were into recession and deep slow down in the construction market, Poland was rapidly developing mostly because of this preparation for the Euro 2012 football championships after that there was like two years of market reduction but then the Polish economy and construction market started to recover.

The second country with impressive recovery is Hungary, three years of impressive growth mostly thanks to recovery in civil engineering and numerous residential construction and only those two countries are above the 2008 level at the moment. The third one's Czech Republic around 80% of the pre-crisis level and other countries around 70% of 2008 level. What's interesting finally this year, the whole group, all these six countries will register market increase and yesterday I just checked my presentation from two years ago, and exactly as I predicted because I'd mentioned two years ago that 2015 would be the year of market recovery in the Central Europe and hopefully I was right, and then just let's focus on key drivers in particular countries.

So by far the most important, driver not only in Poland but also in other countries, is the new EU budget. In the new EU budget Poland will even receive slightly

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