Myanmar emerges – cement market and project developments: Soe Naing, KBZ Industries (Myanmar)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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I will make my presentation, I want to say thanks to Mr. Thomas Armstrong from International Cement Review, Managing Editor and SCG of Thailand. And I'm honored Dr. SK Handoo presentation is also very interested. But we have many questions, after that, I would send email and ask you, yes. Concerning with Myanmar cement industry, so in the past hour explaining about existing factories.

We have semi government sector and government sectors and in the government sector there are three cement factories. Thayet Cement Factory, this is the oldest cement factory. It was started in the year 1935 and then Kyangin Cement Factory and then Kyankse cement factory. These three factories are common and old. But all the three government old cement factories are now going to be privatized. And Kyankae Cement Factory has ready privatized, the other are under process. So, Ministry of Industry, in Kyankse Cement Plant is successfully privatized by CONCH Group of China and they're going to set up 5000 TBD cement plant. And at the end of this year according to their report will be completed. So the big group of Chinese engineers are there and the Kyangin and Thayet cements are under process.

In semi-government, we have Myanmar Economic Corporation, MEC. That is really military own company, and also Myanmar Economic Holding, MEH, it is also military own factories. Nay Pyi Taw City Development, NCDC, so these are semi government factories. So, Myanmar Economic Corporation, MEC has two plants in nean Pa-an a lower Myanmar. Myainggalay Cement Plant, they are about 4, 000 tonnes per day cement plant that is supplied by Asia, Japan and another plant now is about 900 tonne. First, it is 800 tonne from the plants.

FTV, they are running by themselves Myanmar Economic Holding, MEH has three production lines. One is web process production 400 TBD, another is 700 tonne TBD, N.S.P system and the latest one is 1200 TBD, dry process. All our Chinese missionaries. So, at present only one plant 1200 tonne line is running, and Nay Pyi Taw City Development, NCCD is 500 TBD wet process plant.

They have the intention to conversion into dry process but it will be slow. Now, Private cement plants. Private cement plants. They are Triple A Cement Factory. Triple A Cement Factory, Tiger Head Cement Factory and Myanmar Elephant Cement Factory. And Triple A cement factory has, Sorry. How to reverse?Triple A Cement Factory has four production lines, all are wet processed. Two lines in Kyauk Chaw, east of Mandalay and another tow lines is in Kyaukse it is also near Mandalay. They are all wet processed. And Mandalay Cement Industry, that is called Myanmar Sin, Myanmar Elephant. They have three production line, all dry processed small plants, S.P. Klin system about 300

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