SCG’s Lampang plant: a role model for sustainable development in business operation: Poramen Pradaphon, Siam Cement Lampang (Thailand).

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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Okay, good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Poramen Pradaphon and for this session, I have about 20 minutes to talk about this session. It's going to be about the SCG Cement Plant in Lampang Province, a role model of sustainable development in a business operation, and name of our company is Siam Cement, Lampang.

We're located in North of Thailand with a capacity of about 2.4 million ton per year. And today, I would like to talk about the overview of Siam Cement Lampang and how we affect to the environment and community, and after this, I will going to be referring to Siam Cement, Lampang as a SLP. SLP is under the cement building materials. We registered in 1994 and commercialized in 1996 with area about 112 Hectares, and the capacity about 2.4 million ton per year, and right now we have 292 employees and 1,300 contractor, and we always follow the SCG's four core philosophies, and we also have the SLP's four commitments.

The first one is to create jobs, the second is develop community, preserve environment, and the last one is be a good citizen of Lampang Province. I would like to give you some example of the four commitments. The first one, create jobs. 71% of contractors and 97% of employees are from Lampang Province.

The second, develop community, more than 500 MB per year of the tax revenue is given to the Lampang Province. And the third commitment is is preserve environment. We have a green factory concept, the Check Dams project that I'm going to talk about it later, and Green Energy Process WHR, and the gasifier technology, RDF, and the last commitment is, be a good citizen of Lampang. In every year, we always promote and participate with local festival, just like their Thai New Year. And right now we have Mr. Surachai Nimlaor as a Managing Director of our company. This page show about the awards and achievements that we have gotten since we began operation. And now we've five main products, for example, the Portland Cement Type I or we call it the Elephant, and the next one Mixed Cement or we call it the Tigers. And this is the picture of our factory right now, but later you will see it's surrounded by the green forest, but I will show you the picture before when we came to the area later.

And during the last 20 years, we become a leader of the sustainable development, too may project and activity, but today, I would like to talk about our three highlights. The first one, Semi Open Cut Quarry, the second is Energy Conservation, and the third one is Build Check Dams in One's Heart or the Check Dam Project. I would like to start with the Semi Open Cut Quarry. We had the first factory that deals the semi open cut quarry technique, and the concept is, we just the top of the mountain and then dig top down. Imagine that you have the water melon and then you cut half of the water melon, eat inside the water melon, you still can see the skin of the water melon, so it's just like the concept of the semi open cut quarry.

And the reason why we chose this technique, because it better controls dust and noise, and vibration of the mining, and it reduces impact to the ecosystem, and it also keeps the nice scenery of the mountain. And after we began the mining activity,

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