Successful AF systems for RDF, rice husks and shredded tyres: Luc Rieffel, Walter Materials Handling / ATS Group (France).

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity today to present to you some case study that we have done mostly in Asia, and we are today in Bangkok. So as Peter announce, we will present some anti-fuel system that we have done with extraction and dosing using RDF, Rice husk and Shred tyres in Asia. First of all about some few words about our company, we're ATS group, 250 person based in France, we have five subsidiaries and one is based in France, the other one in Germany, third one in Turkey, the fourth one in India. We are created in 2005 and the last one is Walter Materials Handling what is the topic today and this company dealing 100% with cement industry and propose complete system for alternative storage fuels.

So how our system is looking. Basically, we propose storage building with automated Crane system. In this building, we've an extracto, dosing extracto that you see here, then after dosing we transfer the material to the Calciner with any kind of belt system, conveying system and we feed alternative fuels into the Calciner using our double valve airlock, but the main important point to keep in mind today is the high flexibility that we can propose you're using our system. So at the beginning the user never knows exactly what he will burn as fuels, it could be shredder tyres and finally you could have an opportunity to burn biomass or RDF so it's very important for the end user to have a system as flexible as possible. Well we're introducing this alternative fuels, it could be main burner if the fuel is fine grain sizes or coarse grain sizes will be naturally mostly into the Calciner, for whole tyres we have also the possibility to introduce these old tyres in the Kiln Inlet or in the mid Kiln or other times.

Some fuels example as I told you could be, we are able to manage fine grain sizes from 1 mm till 500 mm cause low density upon 1 till high density 1.5. Hera are some fuel example, you see rice husk mostly in Asiana naturally, cashewnut shells is some product that we had in Africa, it was a project in Tanzania, wood pieces, fluff which look like common product that we're using but mostly in Europe, shred tyres is quite common and high calorific value products, Coconut husk was a project in Senegal, Thailand. It was a project we come back to that, in Thailand we had this, this is plastic rejected kalans or alternative fuels like RDF, it was in Columbia on these pictures.

So, now come back to the case study, the first one will be Holcim in Vietnam using RDF, the other one will be SCCC in Thailand in Saraburi was coarse and fine product, the other will be Zuari in India and last will be a short presentation about whole tyres. So it's very possible in Holcim in Vietnam and decided to invest in new technology with co-processing 2014 in order to grade a TSR till 35% using paper, plastic, rubber or agricultural waste such as rice husk but mostly at the beginning was RDF. But as I told before, our system is very flexible that's why the customer is doing specification on lot of product that he should be able to feed. So the technical data was a flow rate of 20 tonnes per hour, the product RDF with grain sizes in 2D smaller than 200 mm and 3D smaller than 100 mm. For that we propose storage building with the storage capacity of more than 6000cubic meters, equipped with automatic crane system that you see here, here and with two dosing extractor, the red one is an optional one that would like to maybe to install later on.

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