State-of-art cement grinding technology: from micro to macro scale: Marco Goisis, Italcementi SpA (Italy)

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Thanks for the kind introduction to the speaker, to the chairman and good morning to everybody. My speech is on the state of the art of cement grinding technology, and I will move from a first part dealing with basics and fundamentals, and going through some aspects arriving there to grinding technologies and industrial applications.

Just as it was on a framework communition is dated back to many centuries to the pallolit period was used motorand parcel, and the minismascal power was used for many time with different solutions such as the Armer System finally, mankind is called at the animal muscle power, such as bajerano and the power of water.

So water mills and finally electricity, with the proposition of a bowl milling in 1890 and vertical roller mills, for vertical roller mills where proposal for raw materials grinding and the the proposal of a high pressure grinding rollers. The question is why communication is so important for mankind? The answer is that the coarse particles cannot be easily handled and processed and more over they react slowly, a poor radiation and entering properties in composite application and are more likely to have a spatial variation of the properties so where we get the higher specific surface area, we permit to speed up chemical reactions.

To speed up mass transfer operations to enhance us physical affinity of the material such as part of this solution, filtering and absorption and also to create a better bond between the particle and matrix and also to give to final product is solid, better mechanical stability.

Let us move now to the fundamentals. It is well known that grinding the combination of materials needs energy to be done. And when Vatica law was taken in 1937 by worker is general grind ability low. Which says that the required energy for the reduction, the differential reduction of size is proportional the size changer, and inversely proportional to the initial size to stamp our end all the other laws which are present in the literature department and so on, suggest rating as for postulate, Kicks Law and Bond's Law are particular cases of this general law, the mathematical expression of the other laws is exactly the same, what differs is also the value of the exponent end just a few words on grind ability.

Grind ability is the the attitude of the material, the resistance that the material fuses against the action of grinding. It is usually expressed by energy consumed to grind to a sorting finess. There are different equipment that are used to predict a grindability such as born miller size and miller agrov miller, but what is the most important concept is that grind ability is not an inner enter property of the material, if the property of the system, so equipment plus

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