Dry bulk freight rates and trends in clinker & cement trading: Joel Grau Lara, Marmedsa Chartering (Spain)

Filmed at Cemtech Asia 2015, 21-24 June, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand

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Thank you, Keith, for interaction, Tom, the Cemtech family, thanks very much for the invitation. It's usual a pleasure to join, and to participate. Delegates, colleagues, I can see some friendly faces also here. So we'll move straight forward because apparently we are really, really on a rush. So I will not go through each of every single slide, but probably just go for the third part of the presentation you will see. We have three parts on presentation. One is the presentation of the holding of the group which is Marmedsa Noatum Maritime. Afterward just very briefly explain on what Marmedsa Chatering is, and afterwhich we'll go to the topic of the presentation itself. So the first and the second part of the presentation will just go very, very, very quickly. If any other information later, you can check it out on the presentation itself on the Cemtech website which will be published all of them together.

Marmedsa Noatum Maritime is the largest logistics Spanish group involved in the ship agency, in the stevedoring, in the offshore terminals, in the warehousing. We use to have also a track fleet company. We have a project, big and very successful desk, and these are some of the numbers, and involved in on the terminals and the ports, the number of the employees above 4000 people, and the number of the offices etc.

A bit more of information, on the group, these are the locations, basically of the group is a Iberia Peninsula which is Spain, Portugal, France, North Africa, and some presence also in South America. These are the companies under the umbrella of the holding, which are basically very Maritime services, logistics, and port services. A bit more of info.

The figures for 2014 with just below 10, 000 calls of ship attended for all the offices, about 700, 000 tonnes handled by our stevedoring companies, the cars, the TEUs move etc. Marmedsa Chartering is really new company in the holding. You will see it was already established in the 2011-2015 strategic plan for the holding to create such kind of services because there was a lack of a proper chart, and service provided by the group. So this is why I'm here, and I came from the previous background that gave mention. So the company's new, but the people involved in the company, obviously we have been in the business for a while already with different positions, and large companies, ship broking companies.

Marmedsa Chartering basically acts as a shipbroking house, in-house shipbroking house for the holding, for the Marmedsa Noatum Maritime, and obviously trying to collaborate with a party business, and companies that we have been doing business for the last 10-15 years, not only the group, but also myself obviously as the managing director of the company. OK. So basically the third part of the presentation is about the topic itself, Dry Bulk Freight Rates and Trends in Clinker and Cement Trading. As I mentioned we are very, very in a rush. So we will go through some of the slides itself, and then we'll go straight to some of the conclusions which I think is the most important for you guys.

I understand that there are not many ship owners attending, that's good because we can be openly minded here, but basically we are, as you may know most of you, we are in a cargo interest market from the point of view of shipping and chartering obviously. This is the BDI for the last six months which by itself doesn't explain anything. The BDI is the Baltic Dry Index which is basically the index follow or the projected index published everyday, 1400 London time, which is a result of mainly sourcing of information for the different types of size of vessels, Capesize, Panamax, Supermax, Handy for, on the different rates, and true in trades, and is provided by the panel brokers to the Baltic, and is index produced on daily basis

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