Continuous loading of dry bulk cargo into ocean-going vessels – the Medcem case study: Jaber Malandi, Bedeschi (Italy)

Filmed at Cemtech MEA 2015, 8-11 February, Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE

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Today, we are going to speak about three main subjects. First, we can start with Bedeschi group, secondly with our case study for the EREN Holding with Bedeschi profit and CTP as for the cleaning system, for the environment. As a start, Bedeschi is the mother company, more than 100 years of experience, we have five different sectors.

Our Bedeschi handling is responsible about the bulk handling and CTP is the engineering and manufacturing for more than forty years of experience for treatment and gas filtration technology. Recently, we had a new company to our group it's ONT, more than 50 years experience of designing for conveying systems for the bulk materials for sure.

This is our offices in all over the world, we have thousands of references. Our three offices, in one of them in Badawa, it's Bedeschi, and in Genoa Bedeschi Handling and our office in Miami, Bedeschi America, and Bedeschi Dubai with lot of agents. Now, we start with our case study for EREN Holding Medcem in Turkey. Bedeschi and CTP are taking part in the construction of a new Greenfield Cement Plant in Turkey for production capacity 10, 500 tonne per day clinker approximately 3.5 million of tonne of clinker.

Bedeschi will supply all the machinery for raw materials handling as outlined below. We start with the remix storage for the limestone. This is the [xx] circular storage that we have. We have two circular limestone pre-homogenization plant with luffing and slewing stacker and bridge reclaimer. Each with a total storage approximately 50,000 tonne and 2,000 t/h stacking and the 700 t/h for reclaiming capacity. The bulk density 1.4 tonne cubic meter, the grain size 95%<80-100%<300, the resting angle is 38, diameter of the rails is 90 and 50, 000 as we mentioned before. Moving to the additive storage for the raw mill, for the clay and the iron ore clay on the sand depends. An addtive storage facility here compromising, we have 4x10,000 areas will store the material and both raw mill and the cement mill, iron ore clay or sand at one side and the gypsum and the additive at the other side. Stacking will carry out via a belt stacking system with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes per hour. The iron ore clay or sand be reclaimed by 250 tonne per hour a side semi-portal claimer from the additive storage, I'm going to show the pictures later.

300 tonne
belt conveyor will transport the iron ore clay or sand to the raw mill's feeding hoppers, dust filters will be installed for sure from CTP. And this is our same photo for EREN Holding. This is the picture. And for the additive storage for the cement where the gypsum and additive are stored into multi box longitudinal sheed with 250 side semi-portal reclaimer. We transport the gypsum and the additives to the cement mills within hoppers and also for the dust filters will be installed also by CTP.

This is the picture showing on and you can see here how we use the space with the retaining wall and some heater from the inside so we increase the capacity of the storage retaining wall and [xx] And for the coal for sure everybody is going for the coal. Coal preblending storage to 25,000 tonne capacity of coal preblending. 500 tonne tripper car is installed to stack the coal and two 100 tonne per hour side semi-portal reclaimers claim the coal.

0.81 tonne cubic meter, the grain size 0.5, the anglel is 35-38 between the [xx] and the coal, the total stored volume 12,500. This is a picture showing that coal reclaimer. Right now moving to the ship loader that we have. We installed the ship loader for the cement and the clinker, the bulk density that we have for the clinker 1.5 tonne and for the clinker

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