A new solution for Mercury - Emission Reduction in the Cement Industry: Michael Suppaner, A TEC (Austria) & Georg Lechner, Scheuch GmbH (Austria).

Filmed at Cemtech Europe 2015, 20-23 September, Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

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Very new development which has been triggered a couple of years ago by Weitersdorf cement works, and we work together with the cement plant and scheuch gmbh on this project to develop a system to remove mainly mercury from the clinkerisation on the pyro-process of the cement plant. The whole idea started because particularly in the United States, the emission regulation in terms of heavy metal and mercury got more and more stringent European [xx]. I think in 2018, 19 this reloads will come in Europe now. And for that reason we started this joint and seem to be on the very right way.

As you will see, very shortly in this presentation, with it we jointly [xx] but unfortunately to cancel very shortly so I take over his part here, and we'll give cut short introduction in the whole system and then Georg Lechner from Scheuch will give the very technical details of this whole system.

Weitersdorf cement plant in Austria which is one of the pioneering plants of usage of alternative fuels in world. Actually, these plants started in about 1989, 1988 even. When it was still a loop hole, [xx] to use IDF to use RDFS and plastics at this time definitely it can be proud of being one of the pioneers and they use it for alternative fuels and the roads.

The meantime then since their IT has had a high thermal substitution rates, gave them a lot of problems of course working with leopard film. They had a couple of organisations projects starting in 2002. First it started first of all, that thye got a new raw mill nothing to do with the [xx] directly. But, then in 2003 till 2005, we got a new state of the art at this time.

Clinker cooler from claudius peters and they got complete alternative fuel processing plant prepairing big quantities of alternate fuels by themselves but not all fuels get ready. They use various kinds whereas most of the plans in Central Europe. And also in 2005 it was all big parts, the kiln system was changed from a leopard kiln to a state of the art preheater kiln with a very large calciner.

seven or eight seconds retention time and 5 stages, and into the residual system now that required for efficient usage of alternative fuels. Today the plant is using close to 90 percent of alternative fuels without big problems. And certainly issues like emissions and the environmental issues here in middle Europe one very important factor.

And the motivation to come to this project that we developed heavy metal particularly mercury removal system, started about 2013 United States was [xx] convention. Where new emission limits of 30 micro gram per one cubic meter yearly average on the state were demanded. And up to then, or up to now there were no real efficient systems on the market to cope with this problem. And I think we are one of the first now [xx] of the three companies to go in detail and develop a viable economic [xx] of physical system to remove mercury particularly, but also other heavy metals from the emissions.

First detailed calculation simulations, and then that is where in the plant to find out where the mercury is coming from. Basically, of course from the fuels word is coming from detail this [xx], we are not so detail but where this is coming from, we will focus now on the removal.

The first issue was to identify or to determine exactly the battery cycle. So, in the trial operation so it is the first

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